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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - May 03, 2006

Present: BC, Simmons, Random, EC, Next, Senior, Baker, McCormick, New, MacGregor Absent: Bexley

Official Dorm Population Tally

  • Baker-325
  • Bexley-119
  • BC- 343
  • EC- 369
  • MacGregor-318
  • McCormick- 238
  • New House-286
  • Next House-330
  • Random-93
  • Senior-141
  • Simmons-331


  • Jeff finally finished, wants any additional comments
  • Harvey advocates an annual report to DormCon's Judcomm and individual dorms' exec committees giving general details like number of cases heard, types of cases, etc. to make sure individual judcomms are accountable to DormCon; transparency is good
  • Jeff says for individual dorms that's fine, it doesn't go against anything in the rules
  • Jeff will modify rules to include process for having dorm judcomms report to DormCon judcomm each semester with number and types of cases as well as types of range of sentences given

Vote on Judcomm Code

BC - abstain Simmons - Y Random - Y EC - Y Next - abstain Senior - Y Baker - Y McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

  • everyone claps because Jeff has finally finished his Judcomm quest

Campus Bellhop Update

  • MacGregor, Random, Senior, EC, New have talked with Harvey, all other presidents should give Harvey feedback after talking with their dorms

Early Return Update

  • Harvey, David and Sarah finalizing a DormCon early return policy with housing
  • will include such things as helping out with an alcohol event, Dinner in the Dorms night, moving day, and attending a BBQ, will also be commitments to individual dorms
  • June 2nd is deadline for submitting early return list, will additionally be an online form early returns need to fill out
  • August 21st is first possible day to return
  • Jeff comments that there needs to be a meeting before moving day to make sure everyone is on the same page --> Harvey is planning on helping Sarah plan that, as he coordinated it two years ago when we last did this

DormCon fee increase

  • Will allow us to fund more events, increase meeting incentive program (money for dorms that have their presidents show up at all of the DormCon meetings)
  • Petra wonders if we already have enough
  • Shauna says it varies from semester to semester
  • Talk to constituencies, will vote at next meeting in two weeks


President --> David Nedzel

  • Public face of DormCon
  • Go to lots of meetings with admins
  • Need to delegate a lot of things or do them yourself
  • In charge of disseminating information
  • Nominations: David Nedzel

BC - Y Simmons - Y Random - Y EC - Y Next - Y Senior - Y Baker - Y McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

Vice President --> Laura Martini

  • Does everything the president does: lots of meetings, delegate work and serve on panels during Rex/CPW, keep in touch with admins, dorm residents, etc.
  • Can be fun and tiresome
  • Nominations: Laura Martini, Lanthe (declines), Ian Smith (declines), Darragh (declines)

BC - Y Simmons - Y Random - Y EC - Y Next - Y Senior - Y Baker - Y McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

Treasurer --> Darragh Buckley

  • Responsible for allocating/budgeting $15,000 for such things as Rex, Meeting food, events
  • Make sure that groups comply with DormCon advertising and other regulations when they receive DormCon Funding
  • Nominations: Darragh Buckley, Jennifer Hernandez
  • Darragh: Course II Junior, lots of experience asking for and dealing with money, has two years of practice with financial things, can work closely with Shauna to learn about learn ways of treasuring
  • Jennifer: Course XIV Sophomore, treasurer for Baker and other organizations, in the SLP office all the time, very prompt with transfers and reimbursements, will be good about getting dorms their transfers as quickly as possible
  • Q1: How familiar are you with DormCon's mission?
  • A1:

- Darragh: Tried to spend money on things that build community, familiar with various alternative funding sources where you can send groups that DormCon shouldn't fund or doesn't have the funding for - Jennifer: DormCon's goal to bring together different communities on campus. Realizes that all organizations always have to prioritize spending, as you can't allocate more than you have. BC - D Simmons - D Random - D EC - J (- 4 who vote for D) Next - D Senior - D Baker - J McCormick - D New - D MacGregor - D

    • Jen: 698
    • Darragh: 2,076
    • Not Cast: 119

Junior Rex Chairs --> Pria Phadnis, Hillary Nenow, Ash Turza, Allie Jacobs, Lisa Shank

  • Will be reporting to Sarah Hopp
  • Helping her plan large parties, dinners in dorms
  • Can pick events you're interested in and work on those
  • Good to be around this summer, but not necessary
  • Not a voting position

Nominations: Pria Phadnis, Hllary Nenow, Ash Turza, Allie Jacobs, Lisa Shank Motion to white ballot --> no objections--> Sarah has minions!

Housing Chair --> Jamie Rubin

  • Keep in touch with Robin Smedick
  • Represent dorms at room assignment chair meetings and meetings with admins about housing
  • Facilitate discussions amongst different dorms' housing chairs
  • Deal with early returns

Nominations: Mandi Holmes, Hillary Nenow, Jamie Rubin Mandi: CMS Sophomore from EC wants to be involved with DormCon, interested in room assignment process because she's moved around a lot and thinks it's important to find somewhere that's right for you Jamie: 10B and 18 Junior from Senior House, really wants to get involved in DormCon, now that she's going to be a senior she has time/energy to devote to helping out, thinks it's really important that people are happy with where they live and feel comfortable approaching room assignment chairs Hillary: Course 6 Frosh from New House, little leadership experience but has lots of practice working with people, thinks this is a good way to make things better and contribute to a good atmosphere in dorms BC - M 343 Simmons - J 331 Random - M 93 EC - M 369 Next - M 330 Senior - J 141 Baker - J 325 McCormick - M 238 New - J 286 MacGregor - J 318

    • Mandi: 1373
    • Jamie: 1401

Dining Chair --> Allie Jacobs

  • Represents DormCon on Campus Dining Advisory Board
  • Nominations: Petra (declined), Allie Jacobs
  • Vote to Confirm

BC - Y Simmons - Y Random - Y EC - Y Next - Y Senior - Y Baker - McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

Secretary--> Erin Munsell

  • Keep bulletin board up to date, email out minutes and post them in wiki,
  • Nominations: Milo Martinez, Erin Munsell
  • Erin: Simmons Frosh, can take notes, can keep board pretty (knows how to draw bubble letters), no other extracurricular activities so can attend all of the meetings
  • Milo: CMS Sophomore from EC, EC president, knows how to format minutes, promises to keep DormCon board attractive, has lots of practice keeping boards looking good and advertising
  • Q1: How objective are you in keeping minutes free of personal bias?
  • Erin: good at it
  • Milo: won't put any of himself in minutes
  • Q2: Milo, will you be able to think and type at the same time (as president for EC you'll need to do both)?
  • Milo: good at multitasking
  • Q3: Milo, how many extracurriculars do you have?
  • Milo: a lot (gives list that's too long to type here)

BC - E Simmons - E Random - M EC - M Next - M Senior - E McCormick - E New - E MacGregor - E

  • Milo: 792
  • Erin: 1657

Judcomm--> Ian Smith

  • Hard and awful part is already finished. No more spending years working with constantly-changing succession of deans
  • Work that's left is with judcomms of individual dorms to get them established and up and running
  • Giving dorms whatever components they need for mediation and disciplinary components
  • Act as supreme court of dormcon (allowed to interpret constitution upon need, happens approximately once a year)

Nominations: Petra (declines), Ian Smith, Milo (declines) BC - Y Simmons - Y Random - Y EC - Y Next - Y Senior - Y Baker - Y McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

Risk Management --> Chris Hoffman

  • Works with office of community development and substance programs (Danny Trujillo's office)
  • Develop training like that for Simmons and Cambridge Licensing Commission (CLC)
  • Attend various committees (alcohol subcommittees of SLOPE and others)
  • Nominations: Chris Hoffman, Hillary (declines)

BC - Y Simmons - Y Random - Y EC - Y Next - Y Senior - Y Baker - Y McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

Student Group Liaison --> Milo Martinez

  • Go to UA Senate meetings and answer any dorm-related questions that arise there
  • Tell DormCon what happens at UA meetings
  • Bridge between two big student groups on campus (us and UA)
  • Essentially a non-voting UA rep from DormCon
  • Harvey wants our interactions with the ASA to evolve and grow

BC - Y Simmons - Y Random - Y EC - Y Next - Y Senior - Y McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

Webmaster --> Milo Martinez

  • Be in charge of DormCon wiki (
  • Publicity for freshmen
  • Can get funding for equipment
  • Nominations: Hillary (declines), Frank (declines), Milo Martinez

BC - Y Simmons - Y Random - Y (-1 abstention because Jeff wants to have a sentimental last vote at DormCon) EC - Y Next - Y Senior - Y McCormick - Y New - Y MacGregor - Y

Rex Events Policy

  • During the immediate days prior to school starting next fall (Monday and Tuesday) we'll be allowed to register events, but in exchange we're not allowed to have any large planned events (e.g. take all freshmen to Six Flags or something like that)
  • Right now you're allowed to do any large events as long as there's no alcohol involved
  • Each dorm needs to individually agree to this policy
  • David wants to know what upper-classmen like to do when they get back on campus. He'll try to negotiate to let this be allowed under the official policy

Next Meeting Wed. May 17th at McCormick

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