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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - May 17, 2006

Welcome & Welfare (6:00)

  • Present: Baker, Burton-Conner, EC, MacGregor, McCormick, Random, Senior House, Simmons
  • Absent: Bexley, New, Next

UPDATES (6:05)


  • Robin gave out Guide to Residences and i3 video
  • freshmen should have gotten them or within the week
  • anticipate contact from freshmen with questions
  • meeting tomorrow with MIT cable people - Dennis Collins:
    • want to know what students what ex. pay for channels and which channels etc.
    • we are MIT we should have sci-fi and sports (ESPN, NESN)
    • would we pay by dorm?
    • low cost would be the best/most promising
    • looking to expand because students want more channels
    • Harvey thinks maybe we could scale back the channels we get now in our rooms and then get more in the common spaces
    • send furthur thoughts to Jamie <jamier>


  • met with Rich, Marietta, dining halls will be open during orientation
  • SLOPE: pay for dining for upperclasmen and parents
  • shutting down smoothies in Alpine and setting up a Dunkin Donuts while Thai place is going in Lobdell


  • revised procedures got approved last week
  • next step is Ian's job

Risk Management

  • no updates

Student Groups

  • Senate last meeting on Monday
    • bill passed where doubles in Simmons would cost the same as a double in EC for the differing socio-economic classes
    • Robin doesn't know anything - UA planning to go to higher people
    • Jeff says do people actually pick dorms because they are cheaper?
      • people have heard this has happened
    • Problem where EC and Random are the hardest to get into and they are the cheapest
    • Shauna thinks valiant effort - doesn't know how successful it will be


  • College Bellhop - Baker, Random, Simmons - no ; BC, MacG, McCormick, EC, Senior House, New - yes ; Next, Bexley - ?
  • Washboard - advertisements in the laundry rooms for $4 per machine
    • Presidents' consensus: bad idea


  • 1. DormCon tax increase of $1-$2 (6:20)
    • Dorm Con's account balance $36,000 - $14,000 for Rush
      • Shauna thinks we shouldn't increase it until we spend the rest of the money - try the same thing we did last fall next fall
      • Last semester - we overbudgeted for events in fall and in the spring we didn't go over but we had to cut funding
      • For the year we broke even
      • Meeting incentive program
        • Jeff thinks get rid of it - only had because people weren't showing up but this hasn't really helped one way or the other
      • Last time tax was increased was in 2001-2 from $1 to $5
      • Random does not want to increase house tax at all - thinks that we gave money to everyone who needed it
      • Close discussion - no increase - will revisit this issue next St


  • 1. MIT Cable Service (6:35)
  • 2. REX Planning & Updates (6:40)
    • Working through calendar of Orientation events
      • Dinner in the Dorms
      • Sunday night/Monday night events
      • Sunday afternoon tours
      • Tuesday night party in Stata - UA will probably head
      • Friday night - international food festival and cruise - SaveTFP will possibly commit
      • Cross Campus event on Sunday afternoon - water war - do we want again?
        • Kresge Oval not open to us - instead back end of Mem Drive
        • No
        • should we come up with another event?
    • Early Returns
      • Interested residents email their dorm's REX chair by Tuesday May 29th
      • REX Chairs compile dorm lists and send them to <dormcon-returns> by May 30th
    • Alcohol Planning Committee Meeting with Danny, housemasters, SLP people - to talk about houseteam response to alcohol related incidents
      • better get the word out that Orientation is a dry event
  • 3. MIT Visiting Scholars Program (6:50)
    • program based in Simmons where visting faculty live there to increase faculty-student interaction
    • New Associate House Master of Simmons - Jesus del Alamo - wants to get other dorms involved in the program
      • Do people want to read applications for new visiting scholars? - right after finals
        • Darragh and Elvie are interested

Goodbyes & Summer Information (6:55)

  • New officers are sworn in *very* enthusiastically by Harvey - yaaaay!

Officer Transition Time (7:00)

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