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August is upon us and that means one thing: Residential Exploration. REX, one of DormCon’s largest events of the year, is an opportunity for freshmen to get a taste of the independence the Institute fosters. MIT prides itself on allowing students to explore and make their own choices, both academically and socially. REX is a prime example of this. To the MIT Class of 2014, I urge you to embrace this new experience. Engage yourself in the numerous activities available and most importantly, keep an open mind throughout the entire process. I would also like to encourage the upperclassmen to immerse themselves in the exploration process again, by reaching out to the new members of the MIT student body, and through sharing your thoughts and opinions about residential life.

I want to emphasize that the purpose of DormCon is to support the autonomy and independence our self-governed dormitories. From funding a large event to improving the housing process, DormCon plays an active role in supporting life on campus. As the school year begins, please take the time to participate in dormitory life. Observe the changes you would like to see implemented and communicate that to DormCon. Working together, we can continue to improve upon one of the best (and definitely the most unique) undergraduate residential programs.

I believe that one of the most important choices you make here at MIT is deciding where you will reside for your first year. The relationships that you cultivate in your living groups are some of the strongest bonds that you’ll experience in your undergraduate career. From late night problem set parties to opinionated discussions over meals, these experiences will shape your college experience. Embrace these memorable times and continue to explore the many opportunities open to you!


Christina Johnson

Dormcon President, 2010-2011



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