Dr. Sanchez holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His areas of specialty include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Information Engineering, and Engineering Complex Systems. He teaches graduate courses in Software Construction, Software Engineering, and Software Architecture. For the past eight years, his research has focused on architecting of large scale distributed simulation systems.

Dr. Sanchez is applying his expertise on Grid/Agent Computing, developed in simulating the U.S. critical infrastructure at the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC), to architecting the "Internet of Things". The Internet of Things combines technologies such as RFID, real-time localization systems, and sensor networks to connect physical objects to the Internet in a Global Information Network.

Dr. Sanchez is the founder and Chief Software Architect of the Open Source RFID platform project. Dr. Sanchez' software systems are used by Samsung, NEC, NTT, Hitachi, Motorola, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. Other software initiatives are in use by Sandia National Laboratories, MIT, and by several organizations in East Asia and Europe.

Dr. Sanchez is currently a Principal Investigator in research projects with SAP, Phillip Morris International, Schlumberger, Ford Motor Company, Dassault, and Microsoft. The projects are simulating the USA's pharmaceutical supply chain, developing a high performance computing platform using multi-core and general purpose graphics processing units, domestic sensors and robots to monitor human health and energy management, and optimizing data centers.

In the field of computational health research, in partnership with the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Sanchez is leading the software design and construction of a Breast Health Reminder System. The projected increased utilization of screening resources has the potential to reduce the breast cancer death rate by 50%.

In the field of spatial information systems, Dr. Sanchez is designing a high performance visualization platform. The new architecture is leveraging new technology in the client, multicore in the server, and a distributed data store.

In the field of Educational Computing Dr. Sanchez is leveraging 15 years of experience in architecting educational technology in the classroom, research, and industry to architect a platform to deliver Simulation Based Learning (SBL). The first domain is computer-programming education.

Dr. Sanchez consults to companies in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America and has spent much time in Japan collaborating with Keio University and the University of Osaka on the use of software platforms.

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