Dr. Sanchez holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His areas of specialty include the Internet of Things (IOT), Simulation, Big Data, and Engineering Complex Systems. He teaches graduate courses in Data Science, Cyber Security, and Software Construction/Architecture. For the past eight years, his research has focused on architecting large scale distributed simulation systems.

Dr. Sanchez research includes projects with Walmart, SAP, Phillip Morris International, Schlumberger, Ford Motor Company, Dassault, Accenture, IBM, GS1, DOD, MGH, Kajima, Fujitsu, Amazon, and Microsoft.

A sampling of research projects: 1) Grid/Agent Computing, simulating the U.S. critical infrastructure at the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC), 2) architecting the cyber physical Internet, addressing the 4Ws (What, Where, When, and Why), 3) high performance computing platform using multi-core and general purpose graphics processing units, 4) domestic sensors, robots monitoring human health and energy management, 5) simulation of enterprise global data infrastructures, 6) data based fraud detection, 7) data based modeling of critical infrastructure, 8) data based decision support for energy planning, and 9) health reminder technologies.

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