XFOIL is an interactive program for the design and analysis of subsonic isolated airfoils.
It consists of a collection of menu-driven routines which perform various useful functions such as:

Release Conditions

The most important conditions are:



Note: The source code for Xfoil itself is the same for Unix and Win32. The plot library directory (plotlib) has a separate win32 subdirectory. See all the README files for more info. Win32 Notes: Interaction with Win32 XFOIL is through a DOS-type text console window. Some of Microsoft's Win32 OS'es (Win95/98/ME) have limitations on # of lines in a console window and cannot fully display XFOIL menus or output. Win95/98/ME also have other shortcomings with regard to resource usage and stability although XFOIL runs under these OS'es. Windows NT, Win2000 and Windows XP are the recommended Win32 platforms.
Win32 Exe Notes: The executables for Win32 were compiled using the Intel Fortran Compiler 5.01-15 and Visual C++6.0. The Intel compiler (thanks to Tom Clarkson at Intel) was used to optimize executables for P3 and P4 Pentium architectures. The XFOIL executables should run on any Win32 Pentium-class machine as compiler options were used to include both optimized code and generic Pentium or AMD processor code for portability.


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- Mark Drela drela (AT) mit (DOT) edu, (also Harold Youngren guppy (AT) maine (DOT) rr (DOT) com)


Page Revisions

December 11, 2000
- Page created
- Xfoil 6.91 (Unix)

January 11, 2001
- Xfoil 6.92 (Unix and Win32)
- Added this revision list
- Added Xfoil version changes text link

January 16, 2001
- Fixed incorrect xfoil.zip link (it was to an older 6.8 version)
- Added note on text color problem with 32-bit display depth

January 26, 2001
- Added link to Xfoil discussion Egroup

April 30, 2001
- Xfoil 6.93 (Unix and Win32)
- Changed link to Egroup, which got gobbled up by Yahoo

December 18, 2001
- Xfoil 6.94 (Unix and Win32)

November 22, 2005
- Xfoil 6.96 (Unix)

December 8, 2005
- Xfoil 6.96 (Unix) -- Added missing /osrc directory

May 3, 2006
- Xfoil 6.96 (Win32)

July 20, 2006
- Removed links to PS and PDF versions of User Guide (not up to date). Added link to data flow diagram.

February 28, 2007
- Modified the GPL summary above. Previously this wasn't a correct GPL interpretation, as discussed here .

June 26, 2007
- Added a description of the INTE command operations to the xfoil_doc.txt file.

Feb 17, 2008
- Added link to Mac-OSX version of Xfoil.

April 7, 2008
- Xfoil 6.97 (Unix)

Dec 23, 2013
- Xfoil 6.99 (Unix, Windows)