An Alternative Phonetic Alphabet

Article: 5910 of rec.humor.funny
Newsgroups: rec.humor.funny
From: (Rich Wilson)
Subject: new phonetic alphabet
Keywords: chuckle, heard it
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 95 19:30:05 EST
Lines: 28
The same old standard phonetic alphabet (which you would use to describe spelling "Wilson" as "Whiskey, India, Lima, Sierra, Oscar, November") has been used by aircraft pilots, millitary personnel, and many others for many years now. So, I finally decided to come up with something a bit more "original" for those people who annoy me:
        A  Are               N  Nine
        B  Bee               O  Owe
        C  Cite              P  Pseudonym
        D  Double-U          Q  Queue
        E  Eye               R  Rap
        F  Five              S  Sea
        G  Genre             T  Tsunami
        H  Hoe               U  Understand?
        I  I                 V  Vie
        J  Junta             W  Why
        K  Knot              X  Xylophone
        L  Lye               Y  You
        M  Me                Z  Zero
People don't ask me to spell anything over the phone anymore.