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Albert Pike

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>Why are you so patronizing?  Albert Pike IS in fact one of the biggest
>single names in Masonry...he can be taken to authoritatively represent
>the ideas that many Masons have followed since his lifetime.

Now you have raised my curiosity! NO! I am not trying to fan the flames but I would like to know the source or basis for your comment "Albert Pike IS in fact one of the biggest single names in Masonry" I am Past Master of my lodge, have served four Grand Masters as a District Deputy and I am currently serving as Deputy Master of the 5th Masonic District Convention of the Grand Lodge of Georgia. I would recommend that you write to the Masonic Service Association for the book I am noting below. The price is $3.50 which I believe includes shipping. (Not a big money maker)

I am excerpting a few paragraphs regarding masonic experts. I hope you will find it enlightening.

Is it True What They Say About Freemasonry?

Art deHoyos and S. Brent Morris

With A Foreword By James T. Tresner, II

(c) 1993 Masonic Service Association of the United States 8120 Fenton St., Silver Spring, MD 20910-4785, 301 588-4010 All rights reserved.

Kessinger Publishing Co., P.O. Box 160, Kila, MT, 59920, has generously given permission to use extended quotation from The Cloud of Prejudice: A Study in Anti-Masonry, by Art deHoyos, (c) 1992 by Art deHoyos.

The Issue of Masonic "Experts"

Thousands of authors have written about Freemasonry and several have achieved wide recognition for their general scholarship. Other Masonic authors have pursued theories that at best are without factual support and at worst are embarrassingly wrong. Because Freemasonry values free thought so highly, grand lodges as a rule neither endorse nor condemn ideas; that decision is left to individual Masons. Thus it is quite possible to find otherwise highly regarded Masonic authors who have espoused ideas of Masonic origins or symbolism that are without substance, ideas that have been politely ignored and have been allowed to quietly fade away. Unless formally endorsed by action of a grand lodge, no writer can speak for Masonry, only for himself.

Dr. Robert A. Morey, a Christian critic of Freemasonry, noted, "Another error typically made by anti-Masons is the assumption that Freemasonry is based on the writings of a single individual. They usually pick Albert Pike as the official 'spokesman' of Freemasonry." If not Albert Pike, then their choice might be Albert Mackey or Manley Palmer Hall or some other author espousing his personal theories about Masonry. ...

Anti-Masons regularly parade the writings of Masonic authorities before their audiences and dissect their words, looking for a sentence here or a phrase there to be used in their cause. They seek someone like a church authority who speaks dogmatically on teachings and doctrine; whose every word must be accepted by the faithful.

Freemasonry has no such authorities. ...

Albert Pike and Lucifer

No other lie has captured the imagination of anti-Masons quite like Leo Taxil's hoax concerning Albert Pike and Lucifer. Dr. Robert A. Morey parts company with most of his fellow antiMasons on this issue. "Of all the attacks against the Craft, none is so vicious as the charge that Masons are a secret cult of Devil worshipers or Satanists and that at some point in the higher degrees they must pass through a Luciferian initiation."


>In any case, this newsgroup is not for Masons alone...it is for all
>kinds of folx.  If you are indeed a Senior Steward, try representing
>your Lodge and your Craft with a more friendly attitude.  Thanks...

My friend I agree. However, it is often difficult to be patient with someone who seems bent on convincing non masons of things we generally know to be untrue. Was the man improperly solicited (especially on multiple occasions)? Perhaps I should accept him at his word. BUT other posts are simply inflamatory.

I look forward to your comments once you have had the time to read the book quoted above. If for some reason you feel you can not afford it, send me an address (a post office box will do) and I will see to it that you receive a copy at my expense.

Ross Laver, Past Master
Flint Hill Lodge #371 F & A M
McWhorter, Georgia

May the light of truth be a beacon for the world!

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