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Dear Sir and Brother,

Many thanks for your e-mail of January 22nd.

I just finalized the translation of my paper about the unknown painting of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jaques de Molay, and the silent message of the painting. Sorry for the delay.

Please find this paper attached. I hope this is the format you need for publishing on your website. If not, please return.

Regarding the mankind fear of number 13, Swedenborg make the following comment (Arcana Colestia No 2109):" Number 3 is a holy number. As number 13 being composed of 10 and 3, the holy remains." - End of quote. - Was it this holy number the Grand Master has hade in mind when he condemned the three families in 13 generations? I, the undersigned, personally believe so. Otherwise why just 13 generations because there was no other knowledge about this number at that time.

The painting illustrates with its silent language the difference in treachery and chivalry.

As the Masonic system has chivalry common with the Knights Templar, I count with the fact that the painting will be of interest to many Freemason Brothers. There is namely on the open market no other or similar open, historical documents available for _strengthening the path to the Freemasonic goal._

Fraternaly Yours

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Thoughts about an unsigned, unknown painting.

May be an unknown Lionardo da Vinci?

By Tore Akesson
Copyright March, 2001 by the publisher below:

Svanebacken ab
Hoganasvagen 79
S-260 40 Viken-Sweden
e-mail: info@scaninvent.com

Persons referring to this illustrated painting and/or writings below are hereby informed that it is only reflecting the acquired knowledge of the writer in this field just at the time of writing, where opinions and questions regarding the Order of the Knights Templar has been split ever since the banishment and the happenings in the years 1307 - 1314. The paintingfrom Paris, weakly illustrated below, is therefore unsigned.

Therefore the writer or the publisher take no responsibility for incorrect, imperfect or failing information.

In the article "The Mitre and The Trowel" by William G. Madison, MPS, published in Reports from the Masonic Worlds on the Web by Bro. Gary L. Dryfoos, Bro. William G. Madison declares:

"Freemasonry does not even permit political or religious discussion to take place within its walls. The Fraternity´s goal is to sharpen its Member´s awareness and senses, that they might work to eliminate tyranny and injustice as individuals. But it does not and never has take any institutional position on these matters"

This is valid for the author and this article as well.

The authors preface

I am a Christian Swedenborgian, which means that I am following the Swedenborg explanation of the holy bible and his spiritual awareness of the heavenly worlds. I became a Freemason in 1968 after first having been a member in 20 years and a leader of a Swedish offspring of the original Swedish Order of Freemasons, WB. During the whole of my Frimureric path I was one of three treasurers in my Lodge in Helsingborg, Sweden

I learned aboutthe spiritual and theological knowledge of Swedenborg right from my school-start as a little boy and looking back on my own long life, his predictions has come through on myself, namely that I - like humans in general - have looked more backwardly on my life then forwardly in order to practice the gift of prophesy as to 1 Cor 14:1. Swedenborg never founded a Christian Society of his own, but he predicted that such a group should be formed. The first Society was consequently established in London 1787-1788. In 1810 there was also founded The Swedenborg Society, at the Bloomsburry Way in London,in order to publish his writings.(*1) The first Society in USA was founded in 1792.

Already in his lifetime Swedenborg got a greattheological reputation and influence in Sweden. His reputation was so great that it must be reasonable to adopt that also the gentlemen in which hands the Duke of Soedermanland (later the Swedish King Carl XIII) entrusted the work on the Swedish Masonic Rituals and Educational System, has been influenced by Swedenborgs knowledge and writings even if no such direct reference is confirmed. However explanations of the proceedings in the different Swedish degrees in the Swedish Masonic System can be found within Swedenborgs writings. This thoughts is said to originate from the old secret Society of the Essee´s from whom they also is said to have arrived to the Swedish Order of Freemasons through The Knights Templar. (*2)

Helsingborg, March 2001-03-01


[Webmaster's note: The remainder of this paper is exactly as the author formatted it in his submission. Time does not allow me to re-edit submissions received.]

The last known Grand Master of the Sacred Order of the Knights
Templar, burnt at the stake together with his successor, outside the
Notre Dame Church in Paris in March 1314, accusedfor idol-worship and
several other violations but against his refusal and declaration of
The confiscated, secret acts and symbols, counteracting foundations of
the banishment, has never been found or made public. Other belongings
of the Order also disappeared together with escaping Knights and has
never been found or made public. Left was just the Chivalry and
spiritual oath as defence.
The banishment protocol of examination is kept in Louvren in Paris and
is 22 meter long. It is shown in a roll, laying in a niche in the wall
in this painting, but the writer of this paper has never seen it and
has only heard about its existence, as it seems not to be public.



The arrest of all Knights Templar and the confiscation of all their
properties took place in France, Friday, 13th October 1307, all over
France at the same time, by a circulated secret order from the King of
France, which has influenced on peoples fear for Friday the 13th.
Another reason for the fear of number 13 is the following last
statement and prophesy, made by the Grand Master of the Order of the
Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, in the presence of his judges, when
the flames of the stake reached him and it started burning in his
"Here you see innocent people die".
"I am calling you, King Philip IV of France ".
"I am calling you, Pope Clemens V".
"I am calling you, Prime Minister Guillaume de Nogaret".
"To appear within one year before the court of GOD to receive your
fair penalty. - Damned, damned, be all your generations damned until
your 13th generation."
Thereafter he felt dead down in the glowing ashes of the stake with
the arm and his forefinger pointing right up to the Heaven of the
Almighty God.
This sign is used by Leonardo da Vinci in his big painting of the Holy
Communion in the St. Marie dele Grazie in Milan, Italy. In this
painting, as illustrated below, the Marshal of the Castle of the
Knights Templar, is also doing the same sign to the Highest, Almighty
Judge of Justice. The Holy Communion painting is based on a statement
of Jesus: One of you shall betray me". - This painting, as
illustrated, is based on a similar statement: "We are innocent".
The people of Paris thought that this prediction also had power on
them and their coming relatives and therefore this fear for the number
13started spreading all over the world, also when the French emigrants
took it with them to the new country, USA. - But the prediction was
not directed to them and not valid for them. Just for the King of
France, the Pope and the Pime Minister and their future families in
thirteen generations.
The author will hereby warn the reader for the danger of making such
prophesies and predictions. The Grand Master could do it as his last
action in this world as he then knew that he, himselff was innocent
and that he, himself should appear, within seconds, at the Heavenly
Court of the Almighty God, in order to spiritually receive his and the
Order of the Knights Templar fair reward and salary. The most
important fact is that he chose the death penalty rather then breaking
his path, his chivalry and his oath of path. On the painting, as
illustrated, one can see that he has already made this decision. The
same is the case for his successor, who joined him in chivalry and
took the death penalty rather then saving his life by a false
If, however, such a prediction or prophesy is made in the human
lifetime, the danger is that the prediction or prophesy will turn
around, back to the sender and be valid for the sender himself. See
below. Immediately after the prediction of the Grand Master, the King
is reported to have said: (All after Maurice Druon in the book Tornet
och Elden (*3). "I forgot one thing. - I should have cut off his
This has had no effect on the prediction or prophesy. It hadthen been
sufficient that the Grand Master thought the prediction without any
physical sound, because in front of the holy court of the Almighty God
one is not speaking with the vocal cords but with the thoughts. The
vocal cords of the Grand Master was burned out to silence in the
flames, but not his thoughts.
The Grand Master of the Order proved the power of the thoughts by
lifting the arm from the red-hot ashes giving the forefinger sign up
to the Kingdom of the Almighty God. It proves to the author of this
paper that the Order was loyal and faithful to the Church and with a
spiritual consciousness, higher then the official leaders of the time
regarding the innocent Master, to whose memory and protection the
Order was founded and individual Monk-oath sworn, namely Jesus from
Among the founders of the Order was the God-conscious and spiritually
competent Benedictine-monk Johannes of Jerusalem who owned the gift of
prophesy (1 Cor 14:1), proved by his "BOOK OF PROPHESY", of which one
of seven handwritten originals was found in the newly opened,
disreputable KGB prison and archive, Lubjanka in Moscow, by the
researcher Professor Galvieski (*4). Thisone of seven originals was in
turn confiscated by the communists from the Closter of Trinity in
Sagorsk, outside Moscow when the communists closed the churches in
Russia. It is claimed that this book, known of very few, (one
confiscated copy, from the Order of Knights Templarproperty, is
claimed to be stocked in the Vatican) become one of the reasons for
the ban of the Knights Teplar as Johannes of Jerusalem here, before
Nostradamus, predict in prophecy about the centre of the world, to be
opposite to the opinion of the Church at the time.

The prediction and prophesy of the Grand Master of the Order of
Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, comes through:

The King felt down from his horse and died before the year was
through. The Pope got an intestinal obstruction and died before the
year was through and the Prime Minister hanged himself before the year
was through. Their families are reported to have lived unhappy.
This prediction or prophesyon the flames, just before the physical
life burned out, was not a physical judgment, legislated by
governmental or religious official judges, but a spiritual, heavenly
prophesy that could only reach fulfilment if it was true and correct
that the Order was innocent. This is the fantastic, incorruptible law
of God, having its ground stone in 1 Cor 14:1, and it can be referred
too when it comes to the innocence of the banned Knights Templar . If
such a prediction or prophesy is not true and correct, which in the
Grand Master's case means innocence it will incorruptibly turn back to
the sender and be valid for the sender, not only in this lifetime but
also in the next. The author of this paper can understand spiritually
that the Grand Master owned the gift of prophesy as per 1 Cor 14:1. As
his prediction or prophesy was fulfilled, proves the innocence.
Otherwise the prophesy should have hade no effect on the three persons
and their families, involved. This is for the author the spiritual
proof of the innocence of the Order that can be confirmed by
God-conscious people. No other physical claim can be regarded as so
important as this spiritually incorruptible law of God. Physical
proves but denied, a guilt declaration under physical torture, now in
our age regarded as a crime against human rights, power or bans by
human officials, has no effect at all on the law of God. This is the
knowledge that the Knight Templars left to us succeeding Christian
generations and Freemason Brothers to try to understand. Their
declared innocence, bid of defiance despite of death penalty can also
be compared withMatt 16:19as to the guilt of the official judges, who
paid the penalty partly in this lifetime, by loss of the physical
life. This spiritual law from Jesus is also called the law of karma in
other religions, and it is claimed by many researchers that the
Knights Templar learned to understand this law during their stay in
The gift of prophesy and its dangerous, incorruptible consequences if
misused, might change the history of the Knights Templar positively in
the future.
The illustrated painting tells us also another spiritual law:
The painting will tell us that the Knights Templar owned the knowledge
of positive thinking. The painting shows that the last Grand Master of
the Order of the Knights Templar has given up in front ofthe law and
the church representatives despite this will mean his death penalty.
But he sticks to Chevalry by destroying and not signing the judges
claims ofadmittance, thrown on the floor. At the same time the Captain
is just waiting to take him to the execution, talking to the Castle
Marshal, who lifts hisforefinger as a warning.
This illustrates another spiritual law also learned outby Jesus. He
gave up the physical body the same way as illustrated for this Grand
Master, despite death penalty.His betrayer, Judas, died for his
negative action against Jesus.Studying the painting this is
consequently another knowledge that the painting will give us:
If someone is just thinking doing a negative action against me for his
own earning and benefit and I, like Jesus and the Grand Master on the
illustrated painting, is still positively thinking and not reacting
negatively back on him or the action, but let it blow like if pouring
water on a goose, the thought action will fail, but it will then turn
around and hit the sender himself
A modern example of the danger of misuse of prophesy is Hitler, who
declared his 1000 year State. - His State ended just after 10 years
time due to misusing the gift of prophesy with hatred to some human
beings instead of love and charity. Physical intolerance about human
rights, also against Freemasonry, became his fall. His soldiers used
the Copenhagen Masonic Temple for gun-training during the occupation
of Denmark and other parts of the Grand Lodge i8n Copenhagen was used
for horse stud etc. Consequently, condemning modern Freemasonry
despite its members declares themselves to be innocent to the
condemning, is dangerous for the condemning party.
Or take another example in modern time, the tragic arresting of the
Swedish Diplomat, RAUL WALLENBERG by the Russian Communistic
Government during the second world ware, just for editing of legal
Swedish Passports in order to save the life of people, hunted by
Hitlers executioners. His action was legal as to Swedish point of view
like the Knights Templar edited legal reimbursement to save
Governments from bankruptcy. (*6)Raul Wallenberg loosed his life to
the Russian Communistic Government, despite he has hade a diplomatic
immunity, like the Knights Templar loosed their lives in editing
safety reimbursements to people and countries of bankruptcy, where
they where first in the world, free from robbery, tax free and free
from custom duty.-The Russian Communistic Government collapsed due to
described misuse of the gift of prophesy, the same as Hitler and his
Government and the same as the Judges of the Knights Templar.
Despite such historical proof of the function of the gift of prophesy
and its misuse it is still forbidden by law in France and Italy to
where the signs and decorations of a Knight Templar officially.(*5)
From the new and modern, mutual European Community equal
rules,physical as well as spiritual point of view, it is hopefully to
be altered.


The banishment of the Order of the Knights Templar causing hunting and
execution of all Knightsand confiscation of all property of the Order
is the subject of this painting.
The painting shows the last known Grand Master Jacques de Molay as
prisoner in his own confiscated Castle in Paris, the Le Temple, in
front of representatives of his official judges, just before the
Captain, Mr. Main de Parellies is going to escort him to the
horse-carriage that shall bring him to the stake outside the Notre Dam
Church, where he shall be burned to death in the flames in front of
his Judges, in front of the people of Paris, guarded by 100 soldiers,
accused for being idol-worshipper. The iron-chain has been removed
from his legs and is hanging on the wall together with the big


Hitler and other similar Dictators has still a negative influence on
generations to come, but this unknown, famous painting is
counteracting the above mentioned and other similar dangerous misuse
of the gift of prophesy, using power instead of love. Thus the Knights
Templar claim of innocence is giving echo in modern time for those to
The painting might have been painted during the Leonardo da Vinci
Paris-period. It is unsigned as it was connected to the ban of
outlawry, prison and even death if historical cases like this was
reported or illustrated.


Among the Spiritual Orders of Knights that was founded during the
crusades the Order of The Knights Templar was the oldest. It was
founded in 1119 and was governed by a Grand Master having his
headquarters in Jerusalem. Its mission was to protect the Holy Places
of Jesus from Nasaret in Palestine and to safeguard the Pilgrim-routs.
As very skilful organizers and administrators they constituted the
only organized shell to the formless armies of Crusaders. They where
in the front rank in every attack and road last of all in all
retreats. It is claimed that they loosed 20.000 knights this way,
which is an important number in relation to the total number of
educated knights in the order.The members of the Order of Knights
Templar was of three categories:
The Knight Templars, Fighting Monks

Wearing white mantle with the red cross

The Missionary Priests and Monks

Wearing green mantle with the red cross and white gloves (*7)

The Serving Brothersor Sergeants

Wearing brown mantle with the red cross

They all took the Oath of chivalry, chastity and poverty. Furthermore
they took an Oath of loyalty and obedience to the Pope to fight for
and protect with their lives the Christianity, the pilgrims and the
Church against the unfaithful.
Later on the Order of the Knights Templar moved to Cyprus and from
there they where called back to Paris by the Pope. The Order reached
great power and riches. With the enormous fortune the Order carried on
lending-activities with most of the European Countries involved. At
that time the canon law forbad Christians to engage in collecting
interests on loans. However the Order lentmoney and collected
interest, which might have been a reason for the ban, but impossibly
for the murder of individuals that where under the oath of chivalry,
chastity, poverty, loyalty abd obedience (*3)
Due to these activities the Order of the Knights Templar felt in to
the hands of the King of France, Philip IV and the Pope, Clemence V.
An excommunication was issued by the Inquisition, covering the whole
of the Order and its individual members. Despite it was an interest of
the Pope to protect the Order of Knights Templar from worldly misuse
of power against them, he gave up at the final end, called them back
from Cyprus and edited then the banof the Order. All the property of
the Order was confiscated to the King of France, The Government of
France and the Inquisition . This Ban was the hardest ever and was
based on idol-worship, a completely false accusation, which forced to
dissolution of the whole of the Order in 1312, pursuing the individual
members with sword as outlawed and with the Grand Master and his
successor in prison in their own Temple.

How could the Order become the richest bank in the world?

They never asked for it in the first place!
They where poor Christian Monks and Knights Templar, having no private
fortune. They never asked for anything for themselves in their
praying, but the Order got plenty.
The author of this article can say the same about myself. I have never
been employed by anyone. I have always been an employer. Thus I have
hade no one to ask for my salary, but by praying for my employees
without asking for anything for myself in such praying, the only one
who has then paid me is the Almighty God in Heaven and he has paid me
more then plenty without having asked for it.
This was the situation of the Knights Templar and through my own
situation I know it. They did not ask for private salary or riches,
and when they got dividend or forbidden interest it was for the
account of the Order that got more then plenty. (*6)
The Knights Templar where all personally poor as to their Monk oath so
there where nopersonal sordid gain or greed.
They where organized just to protect with their lives the memory of
the innocent Jesus Christ. This effort,to protect with once life the
memory of an innocent, is spiritually un-punishable and gave them the
Therefore their reputation for accuracy, honesty and integrity in
financial affairs also remained untarnished until an unfair Monarch
whose temerity was equal to his greed, become their unexpected fall.

Details of the painting

The Temple was build by themselves in the beginning of 1200 as their
main Temple. It was situated where today is a Metro-Station with the
same name, Le Temple. In the basement, as shown on the painting, King
Ludwig XVI with family was also prisoner during the French Revolution
This painting shows the stairs down to the basement in the former
Tower of the Temple. Highest up the stairs one can vague see the inner
guardian. One can also see some trophy's hanging down from a balcony
on the upper level.
The Knights Templar where the specialists in building with big so
called freestones. The whole ground floor is build with this square
blocks, which are seen on the painting.
The Tower, which was the last part of the Temple, was torn to pieces
in 1811, but the place still carries the name: Le Temple.
The last known Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, principal figure on
this painting, let renovate the Temple Tower and its basement. He is
the one who hanged the painting of the Virgin Mary, shown over his
head and entrance to the cell, just in order to find himself as the
prisoner in this cell, locked up together with his successor and
closest contributor, the Temple Knight Geoffroi de Charnay, Protector
of Normandy, both later burned together on the stake against their
denial of guilt
It is regarded as the most distressing action witnessed by humanity
hence the crucifying of Jesus. It was the destruction of the Monk-Oath
and the destruction of the Oath of Chivalry.
This painting shows the Grand Master of the Knights Templar standing
in front of the representative of the King, the representative of the
Pope, the Captain of the Guard, speaking to the Castle Marshall former
employed by the Order, lifting his warning forefinger to heaven for
not to do the Grand Master any harm. This Gentleman has obviously
another opinion then the visitors.
The ban protocol is placed in a nish in the wall. It is kept in The
Louvren Museumin Paris.The Grand Master has teared the paper of
confession to pieces and has throwed it on the floor. It is the
confession that the visitors wanted to have signed to save his life.
During hard torture both the prisoners has had to confess
Idol-worship, but as soon as hearing took place without torture they
took back the confession and when the verdict was read outside the
main entrance to Notre Dame the Grand Master took back the confession
in front of the Parisians so that it was heard as an echo inside the
large Notre Dame. - Despite of this the whole Order was judged guilty
against their refusal of guilt. The reason is said to be that the King
wanted the control of the total fortune. His own fortune was placed
for the Knights banking in le Temple and he has hadeKnight Templars to
his tresurer,thesame as for the fortune of the Order.
On this painting one can see the exhausted, desperate face of the
Grand Master', who has given up the hope of love and mercy.
The painting can be a Leonardo da Vinci but it can also be one of his
French trainee's, who wanted to prove the action against the Order for
the future. Due to the existing ban nothing about this action could be
reported, especially not signed, due to the death penalty for showing
love and mercy to an outlawed Knights Templar.. This is the reason why
this painting is unsigned.


Leonardo da Vinci was the greatest artist of the time with capacity to
express historical events in a painting.
This painting shows vital identity with his scientific studies of
characterization i.e. in the large painting of Blessed Sacrament in
the S:ta Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. The motive here is built
up from the word from Jesus " One of you shall betray me".
This painting is build up by the artist by a similar thinking and word
from the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay: " We are innocent".
Also the light setting in falling dignitary from the leading figure to
the one of less importance is very typical for Lionardo da Vinci. The
most involved persons have all the light, while the less involved
Castle. Marshall, Mr Ployebouche has less light. But he lifts his
warning forefinger to the Highest Judge, like one of the Disiples of
Christ in the painting of the Blessed Sacrament.
The connection with this historical event, the forefinger sign, the
set up of the motive etc is very clear and signicative for Lionardo da
Vinci. As the Temple Tower was still in use when the painting is
expected to have been painted, one can understand that the interior is
correct reproduced.
The Knights Templar was the experts and Masters to build with
so-called kvadrar, which are big frestones carved in the right angle.
This painting is showing this building-technique in the floor, the
ground-walls and the stairs.
The painting origin belongs to the family of the author of this paper
on which permissioncopies of the painting are reproduced.
The painting origin came to our ownership due to the following:
Immediately after the Second World War some French buyers come in debt
to a Swedish supplier of important goods to some war-suffering people
in France, which they could not pay in cash. The Swedish supplier took
paintings as payment. When this supplier later came in debt to the
family of the author, they took this painting as payment for the debt.
It has consequently been in Swedish ownership in more then 50 years.


A reproduction of this historical painting illustrating the Grand
Master denying guilt in front of his judges representatives, in the
size of 210 x 300 mm (8" x 12") can be delivered for US$ 50,- or in
the size of 300 x 420 mm (12" x 16½") which can be delivered for US $
75,- in cash or by bank transfer, excl. the frame, including postage
and handling, excl. vat.


To find the truth is a spiritual and freemasonic goal.

The author of this paper has been studying the painting every day in
more then 30 years and no other painting has been able to make such an
impression on me as this illustration of the inhuman neglect of human
rights contra chivalrian bid of defence, despite of death penalty.
In order to get money back from an old dept.
In order for the possessor to study and remindthe importance of the
function of the incorruptible laws of the Almighty God, dangerous for
those, misusing it.
It is an unknown, famous painting of a chivalrian tragedy worth to get
more public and redressed as to the gift of prophesy as to 1Cor 14:1.
For possessor of a copy to study the illustrated terrible difference
in opinion between the physical opinion at the time, compared with the
spiritual opinion , illustrated by the leader of the Knights Templar
on this painting, which learned the author of this paper to understand
that there is no ticking watch in Heaven, counting days and nights and
that consequently 700 years between now and then are no measurement in
heaven as to the question of the truth.
Copies are offered and the painting thus made public to the honour of
the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay true chivalry, his Knight Brothers
and the Swedish Ambassador and Moralist in modern time, the chivalrian
Gentleman, Raul Wallenberg and his brave chauffeur, who all loosed
their freedom and life, fighting for basic human rights, as Raul
Wallenbeg said it:

When the whether looks promising one has many friends,
butwhen the clouds accumulate, one is alone.
If you have any questions, please contact the publisher on the address
below or by e-mail: [1]info@scaninvent.com

Viken 2001-03-11


Hoganasvagen 79

S-260 40Viken/Sweden

The illustrated painting. Reproductions are available in full colour.
The Swedenborg Concordance and complete writings.
The Swedenborg Society
2021 Bloomsberry Way
London WC 1/England
Professor C.F. Starcke
Wahlstroem & Wikstrand
Stockholm/Sweden (Printed 1926)
Maurice Druon,
Tornet & Elden. The Swedish version.
P.A. Norstedt & Sons
Original title: Le roi de fer och La reine étranglée
Professor Galvieski
Johannes von Jerusalem. The German edition.
Das Buch der Prophezeiungen
Vilhelm Heyne Verlag- Munchen/Germany
Jonas Anell
Illegala Riddarordnar i Sverige
e-mail: [3]jonar242@hotmail.com
Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh
The Temple & The Lodge
Corgi Books Publiched by Transworld Publishers Ltd
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Christofer Knight & Robert Lomas
The Hiram Key
The Random House Group Ltd
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London SWIV2SA
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