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Letter of the month: September 2000

From: Randy086@aol.com
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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 01:56:33 EDT
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I inherited a 32 degree ring from my cousin even though he was as close as an uncle. Is it ok for me to wear this ring out of respect for him even though I am not a Mason? I was in DeMolay and my grand father was also a Mason and Shriner.. Thanks, Randy

To: Randy086@aol.com
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dear Randy,

It is not considered proper to wear a ring of an organization of which one is not a member, but of course it isn't illegal.

Sometimes a widow or daughter of a Mason will wear his ring on a neck-chain, which makes it obvious that one isn't claiming to be a member.

If you really wanted to honor your cousin and grandfather, you could join a lodge yourself. Then there would be no problem about your wearing the ring, right?

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