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Letter of the month: October 1997

To: amartin@ben.edu
Subject: Re: Freemasonry Guest Book (No) amartin@ben.edu 
In-reply-to: Your message of "Thu, 09 Oct 1997 15:22:05 EDT."

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}         Name:: Al Martin
}       E-mail:: amartin@ben.edu
}     Location:: Naperville, IL
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}         RQFC?: No
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}      Message:: How can you consider yourself a SECULAR fraternity when
}      your ONE membership requirement is a belief in a supernatural
}      being?  That's illogical. Sounds like you guys are some sort of
}      mystic cult to me.
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}  sent by: amartin@ben.edu

Secular? I think a better word would be "ecumenical". "Secular" can mean about a dozen different things, some of which apply, some don't.

Besides, the term we use is "Supreme" Being not "Supernatural". Some of our members consider the difference between those two to be quite significant.

Since our meetings are not a worship service, I don't think I would choose the laden word cult, but if you want to, hey, go with it. We say a prayer at the opening of our meetings, but so does the U.S. Congress, and almost no one thinks of that as a worship service.

Thanks for coming by the site. Hope it continues to amuse, entertain, and inform. Or even annoy.

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