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Ancient Free Gardeners???

If you have any information about the British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners -- Friendly Society, please write to Alan Fraser at <alancef@wxs.nl>

I received this from Mike Kaulback at the Library of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 10:19:05 -0600
From: Mike Kaulback <mkaulback@glmasons-mass.org>
Subject: Free Gardeners

November 2, 2000

Dear Gary,

The Free Gardeners are not a Masonic organization nor did they have any contact with Freemasonry. They actually were started in 1676 in England and spread to Scotland and then to the US. There were some 6 or 7 Lodges here in New York and New Jersy through the early 1900's.

A great source of information on them is the book "An Introduction to the History and Origins of the Order of Free Gardeners" written by a friend of mine, Robert Cooper, who is the Librarian, Curator, and Webmaster of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. This book is available through the Grand Lodge of Scotland or AQC who published it early this year. The price is 9.99 Scottish Pounds and that includes postage.

Mike Kaulback
Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

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