[Square & Compasses]

Grand Lodge of Panama AF&AM

Grand Lodge:
P.O. Box 84
Panama 1
Republic of Panama

phone: 507.228-8096
phone: 507.228-8196
fax: 507.228-8470
email: glpma@sinfo.net

Grand Master:
Dennis Allen Frias
P.O. Box 2942
Balboa, Panama

phone: 507.225-6034
cell: 507.612-0727
fax: 507.227-0371
email: dallenf@sinfo.net

Grand Secretary:
Enrique Lau
P.O. Box 55-1501
Paitilla, Panama

offc: 507.264-6640
cell: 507.614-4889
email: laudel@sinfo.net

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