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Regarding the "Decision and Edict" that prohibited all Missouri Freemasons from having a website anywhere else but on the Grand Lodge's system, I have learned that the Decision and Edict has been retired, following the completion of the term of the Grand Master who originally promulgated it. According to a brother in Missouri, who relays the word of their Grand Lodge webmaster, The Grand Lodge of Missouri now has a " Code of Practice" which now makes hosting on the grand lodge server optional instead of mandatory:

There is no longer any language requiring Missouri Freemasons to have their website on the GL's server. As stated on the home page of mofreemason.com, "This web hosting service is offered to all Missouri Subordinate Lodges, Districts, Appended Body Clubs, and Individual members..." The key word is "offered" and not "required".

We are happy to welcome the Grand Lodge of Missouri back to our website.


Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri

6033 Masonic Drive Suite B
Columbia, MO 65202-6535

Phone: 573-474-8561

Web-site: http://www.momason.org/

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