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Requests for Correspondence

2nd Quarter, 1996

You can find people here looking for help with Masonic research. To submit a notice for inclusion here, sign the guestbook and select the "Request for Correspondence" indicator.

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  1. Date: Sun, 30 Mar 97 23:41:47 EST
    Name:: Monte Hackwith
    E-mail:: mhackwith@103564,3146@compuserve.com
    Location:: Bellevue, Nebraska, USA
    Lodge:: Plattsmouth Blue Lodge #6
    Lodge Loc'n:: Plattsmouth, NE
    RQFC-topic: Just Basics and Help
    Message:: I've made a fool of myself on another forum because I know so little. I am 35, have been a Mason since March of 1995 and came in the "short version" way.

  2. Date: Mon, 31 Mar 97 09:04:27 EST
    Name:: patriarchea christina
    E-mail:: patriarxea@interanglian.edu.gr
    Location:: athens greece
    Message:: I think that your theories are exciting and I wish I was a man to become a mason.

  3. Date: Mon, 31 Mar 97 11:11:25 EST
    Name:: Arif Gurdenli
    E-mail:: arif_gurdenli@hp.com
    Location:: Istanbul, Turkey
    Lodge:: Guney
    Lodge Loc'n:: Istanbul
    RQFC-topic: boaz pillar
    Message:: I will appreciate any help in expanding my research on the pillar : boaz.

  4. Date: Tue, 1 Apr 97 11:40:06 EST
    Name:: Tiechera House
    E-mail:: house@dave-world.net
    Location:: Bloomington, IL, USA
    RQFC-topic: Censorship
    Message:: I am looking for infomation on the recent censorship from AOL on all infomation pertaining to Rainbow for Girls. I would be interested in finding out if Masons have experienced any such problems, and if anyone knows where the guidelines for such censorship are located.

  5. Date: Tue, 1 Apr 97 17:52:26 EST
    Name:: Donald Keith Leonard Jr.
    E-mail:: dole5015@wtamu.edu
    Location:: Canyon, Tx
    Lodge:: Wolforth-Frenship 1447
    Lodge Loc'n:: Wolforth, Tx
    RQFC-topic: Free Masonry in the middle ages

  6. Date: Wed, 2 Apr 97 08:36:02 EST
    Name:: David L. Burnisky
    E-mail:: dlbursky@concentric.net
    Location:: Southfield, MI
    RQFC-topic: Genealogical Information
    Message:: My 3rd great grandfather, David B. Sweet is said to be one of the original Charter Members of the Sincerity Lodge of Phelps, Ontario County, New York. His brother, Cyrus Sweet is said to have been one of the charter memeber of the Sapphire Lodge No. 768 formed in the fall of 1875 in Camillus, Onondaga County, New York. I have not been able to locate much inforamtion on either of these men. I know David died on 21 April 1890. His funeral was attended in a body by the Masonic fraternity, and that he is interred in the Phelps Cemetery. I have little data on Cyrus and am looking for his actual birth date, death date, where buried, his wife's and children's names and vital information.

  7. Date: Thu, 3 Apr 97 17:11:10 EST
    Name:: john booth.
    E-mail:: jbcour@premier.uk.co
    Location:: kinross, tayside, scotland, uk.
    Lodge:: st. serf. No 327
    Lodge Loc'n:: kinross, scotland, uk.
    Office:: senior deacon.
    RQFC-topic: lodge visitations.
    Message:: i will be in orlando & madiera beach areas from 5th july to 19th july 97. along with depute master from lodge ruchill 1436 would like to see an american lodge at work.

  8. Date: Fri, 4 Apr 97 23:19:00 EST
    Name:: guigue
    E-mail:: guigue@aol.com
    Location:: 59370 Mons en baroeul (FRANCE)
    Lodge Loc'n:: lille
    Office:: 2nd warden
    RQFC-topic: i am seeking an editor in masonry
    Message:: I am a frenc specialist on symbolisme and masonic education. My books are successfulled in France. I want to find an american editor especialized in Masonry to publish my books. Big succes to wait. Fraternall Your'S Christian Guigue Author, Lecturer

  9. Date: Wed, 9 Apr 97 09:12:25 EDT
    Name:: Ken Blackhurst
    E-mail:: z9001339@zoo.co.uk
    Location:: London, England
    Lodge:: Concordia Lodge no.5131
    Lodge Loc'n:: London, England
    RQFC-topic: Scottish Presbyterian migrants to East Lancashire, England
    Message:: This is my first masonic research project which has grown from a family history study (the Cockers and Adcrofts of Blackburn and Darwen, Lancashire, England). The first Presbyterian chapel was built in 1566 for Scottish Presbyterian stonemasons working on Longleat House. The Cockers came from Scotland, family tradition says that there were two sons of a widow who came from Scotland and one settled in Darwen (actually I think Rivington, Lancashire) and the other in Oldham near Manchester. The chapels of Bolton-le-Moors are sometimes referred to as Scottish Churches. St Johns Lodge of Bolton was still toasting the Scottish Grand Master as late as 1848, well after the formation of the Grand Lodge of England. Many of the early congregational / Presbyterian ministers of the area were Scottish and many were freemasons. Any pointers for source material would be gratefully received. Yours fraternally, Ken Blackhurst.

  10. Date: Wed, 9 Apr 97 13:21:03 EDT
    Name:: Valeria B. Leiter
    E-mail:: al371337@academ01.mor.itesm.mx
    Location:: Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
    Lodge:: (RNM) Quetzalcoatl 1
    Lodge Loc'n:: Cuernavaca, Morelos
    RQFC-topic: meaning of number 3
    Message:: Dear brothers, I have a research assignment from my lodge to know the meaning of number 3. If any of you could help me I would really apreciate it

  11. Date: Wed, 9 Apr 97 15:30:10 EDT
    Name:: CHAR HILL
    Lodge:: ROYAL CROWN No. 57
    Lodge Loc'n:: Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Office:: tyler
    RQFC-topic: Prince Hall
    Message:: Looking forward to corresponding with you. So mot it be

  12. Date: Fri, 11 Apr 97 19:43:53 EDT
    Name:: Randy W Billingsley
    E-mail:: randywb@castles.com
    Location:: Suisun, Ca, USA
    Lodge:: Suisun Lodge #55, F&AM
    Lodge Loc'n:: Fairfield, Ca.
    RQFC-topic: Shujai
    Message:: I am in the U.S. Army and looking for informaiton on Military Lodges.

  13. Date: Sat, 12 Apr 97 13:38:48 EDT
    Name:: Christopher Byrne
    E-mail:: Hawkwind23@aol.com
    Location:: Boardman, Ohio (u.s.a)
    RQFC-topic: Masonic activities and influences in England during the 18th Century.
    Message:: Dear Sirs, I have always been fascinated by the craft of Freemasonry, and I tend to use open ended assignments at school in order to garnish more knowledge about the topic. I was delighted to discover this cluster of pages; thank you for providing them. The research project I am currently involved in is for a class on Samuel Johnson and his circle, and I am most interested in the influence the mason's had on the emergent thought patterns of the time, as well as socio-political influences. I was hoping that you could direct me to a good reference sourse on this topic. I'd also like to thank you for the 'how to join' information you have provided here. I had alsays thought that you had to wait to be asked by a member, and know I find that that is not even traditionally encouraged and that I should be the one to do the enquiring. This is both heartening and encouraging news. Thanks. Chris Byrne

  14. Date: Sat, 12 Apr 97 16:02:53 EDT
    Name:: Edward D. Willis
    E-mail:: ed_willis@intuit.com
    Location:: Tucson, AZ
    Lodge:: Oasis #52
    Lodge Loc'n:: Tucson, AZ
    Office:: Marshall
    RQFC-topic: Trying to find origins of the term "Blue Lodge"

  15. Date: Sun, 13 Apr 97 14:15:12 EDT
    Name:: Gene Ramon Gomez
    E-mail:: eillum@hotmail.com
    Location:: Chico, California, USA
    RQFC-topic: Freemasonry and roots in mysticism
    Message:: I am a member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, and have noticed the amount of similiarities to my Order's traditions that antique Freemasonry has. I am interested in locating the roots of these traditions, and would like correspondance with anyone who could help.

  16. Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 04:31:39 EDT
    Name:: Adam Kadmon
    E-mail:: YitzaktheBlind@hotmail.com
    Location:: Fiume
    Lodge:: Sirius
    RQFC-topic: Lodges before II world war and their desapearing because they members was Jews and desapearing lodges because comunism
    Message:: I want to make contact with everybody who know something about logia "Sirius" di Fiume
    [web-editor's note: An obvious pseudonym. This may be a hoaxer. Just because this is being allowed into the "Request for Correspondence" page doesn't mean that it's been checked for validity.]

  17. Date: Wed, 23 Apr 97 18:32:09 EDT
    Name:: Francis E. Larrimore, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Maryland
    E-mail:: N13342@aol.com
    Location:: Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA
    Lodge:: Sincerity No. 181
    Lodge Loc'n:: Cockeysville, Maryland, USA
    Office:: Past Master
    RQFC-topic: Masonic Homes
    Message:: We are a CCRC. Our current admissions are for life care only. We do not admit directly into health care. We are considering other alternatives which include pay-as-you-go directly into health care, assisted living, respite care, rehabilitation, day care, etc. We do not use Medi-care or Medicaid. Any information and/or suggestions on these alternative plans would be appreciated.

  18. Date: Tue, 29 Apr 97 12:56:06 EDT
    Name:: W.Bro.M.Cooke
    E-mail:: Danaco@infoteck.qc.ca
    Location:: 3-Rivers,Quebec,Canada
    Lodge:: Albion#2
    Lodge Loc'n:: Quebec city,Qc
    RQFC-topic: San Salvador (EL Salvador, Grand-Lodge)
    Message:: Fraternal greetings , I am looking to get in contact with a brother from a San Salvador lodge, from the Gran Logia " Cuscatlan". Fraternally W.Bro.M.Cooke
    [web-editor's note:: The Grand Lodge "Cuscatlan" may be reached at
    Av. Bernal y C. San Antonio Abad 291
    P.O. Box 3009
    Cod. Postal Z-9 CP 01165
    San Salvador, El Salvador]

  19. Date: Thu, 1 May 97 02:46:19 EDT
    Name:: Michael E. Redden Sr.
    E-mail:: Wodman@juno.com
    Location:: Nederland, TX.
    Lodge:: Nederland Lodge
    Lodge Loc'n:: Nederland, TX.
    RQFC-topic: Grandfathers Membership--NY. or NJ.

  20. Date: Mon, 5 May 97 16:13:25 EDT
    Name:: Ron Lambert
    E-mail:: captron@sunet.net
    Location:: Sebastian, FL, USA
    Lodge:: Ocean Lodge #89
    Lodge Loc'n:: Wall, NJ
    RQFC-topic: Revolutionary War Masons
    Message:: Preparing research paper on Boston Tea Party, and effects the "brotherhood" had on Revolutionary War, Rumor, or Fact, that the Boston Tea Party started at a Masonic Lodge Meeting, and that 50 brothers went to the three ships in Boston Harbor to dump the chests of tea. If possible, please provide names, lodges of men involved. Thanks, Brother Ron Lambert Ocean #89 Wall, NJ

  21. Date: Sun, 11 May 97 23:11:13 EDT
    Name:: Ed O'Neill
    E-mail:: Scribentis@aol.com
    Location:: New York NY USA
    Message:: Looking for information on how the two organizations interface. I understand the intitation rites are alike and wonder if anyone can enlighten me as to the mutual acceptability of the rites.

  22. Date: Wed, 14 May 97 19:38:35 EDT
    Name:: Lyman Connor
    E-mail:: LAC178@AOL.com
    Location:: Norristown,Pa USA
    Message:: I am a black self taught Electrical Enginner in the Phladelphia area. Very interested in joning the masons . Can someone help?

    [Web-editor's Note: Contact the Grand Lodge of Masons for PA at:

    Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania F&AM
    One North Broad Street
    Philadelphia, PA  19107-2598
    phone: (215) 988-1900
    Good luck!]

  23. Date: Thu, 15 May 97 03:18:37 EDT
    Name:: Henrik Karll
    E-mail:: jorgpil@HoTMail.com
    Location:: Odense, Denmark.
    RQFC-topic: When did it all start??
    Message:: To all you masons, non-masons and intersted persons; My question is this: In which year did the first report of freemasonry appear?? In what country did this happen?? (And please, no silly things about templars and pre-historic arabians; I only want to know when it became official,-not when it started)

  24. Date: Fri, 16 May 97 15:17:54 EDT
    Name:: Victor Govan
    E-mail:: GovanS@claven.fanshawec.on.ca
    Location:: London ON CA
    Lodge:: Corinthian #330
    Lodge Loc'n:: London ON CA
    Office:: PM
    RQFC-topic: Lodge Room Rents
    Message:: Our Temple Board would like to compare rental rates We presently charge $11.50 per member per year. This is paid Quarterly. With memberships going down we need to increase rents. What does your Temple charge? per member, per meeting or other?? I will answer any and all. Thanks Vic.

  25. Date: Sat, 17 May 97 15:17:45 EDT
    Name:: Kevin M. Maillet
    E-mail:: Maillet95@AOL.com
    Location:: Midlothian, Tx
    Lodge:: Midlothian Lodge #584
    Lodge Loc'n:: Midlothian, Tx
    RQFC-topic: The Old Charges. Masonry before 1717.
    Message:: I am interested in corresponding with other Masonic researchers. I am conducting personal research into the Old Charges and their use by Anderson and the first Grand Lodge. I am also interested in the Masonry of England and Scotland as it was practiced before 1717. Anyone who can help point the way to good source material would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Date: Sun, 18 May 97 22:26:33 EDT
    Name:: Donald Burbank
    E-mail:: dburbank@bellsouth.net
    Location:: Miami Florida U.S.A.
    Lodge:: Royal Palm
    Lodge Loc'n:: Homestead Florida
    RQFC-topic: blue lodge in W.V.
    Message:: Could anyone tell me if there is a blue lodge in or near Lewisburg W.V. Thank You Don Burbank dburbank@bellsouth.net

  27. Date: Tue, 20 May 97 03:34:21 EDT
    Name:: Koray Ozalp
    E-mail:: koralp@superonline.com.tr
    Location:: Ankara, TURKEY
    Lodge:: UYUM #114
    Lodge Loc'n:: ANKARA, TURKEY

  28. Date: Wed, 21 May 97 02:47:14 EDT
    Name:: Meshelemiah Abrigiel
    E-mail:: Meshelemiah@hotmail.com
    Location:: Corpus Christi, TX USA
    RQFC-topic: The gods of Canaan
    Message:: Hello. I am looking for information on the various gods of the Canaanites, the Moabites, the Amonites, etc. such as Chemosh, Dagon, Baal, Rimmon, and so forth. Also I am a collector of freemasonry literature and would appreciate any information that might be available on good deals in such. Thank you.

  29. Date: Thu, 22 May 97 00:08:42 EDT
    Name:: carlos alberto campos monteiro
    E-mail:: carlomon@br.homeshopping.com.br
    Location:: rio de janeiro,rj, brazil
    Lodge:: Fraternidade 100
    Lodge Loc'n:: jacarepagua, rio de janeiro
    RQFC-topic: masonary actions against black slaves
    Message:: I would like to know about masons behaviour in the oldest years against the practice of keeping african people as slaves.

  30. Date: Sun, 25 May 97 11:56:05 EDT
    Name:: John (Jake) Lemay
    E-mail:: jake-1@netcom.ca
    Location:: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    RQFC-topic: Becoming a freemason
    Message:: I would be interested in corresponding with free masons in my area in order to determine if I would be a good candidate to join a lodge.

  31. Date: Tue, 27 May 97 12:20:47 EDT
    Name:: Joe H. Bolls
    E-mail:: jbolls@wolfden.swsc.k12.ar.us
    Location:: Prescott, AR (nevada)
    Lodge:: Albany #495
    Lodge Loc'n:: Laneburg, Arkansas
    Office:: Secretary
    RQFC-topic: how to down load square & compasses for letterhead
    Message:: As secretary of Albany lodge I would like to download square & compasses icon for use in my letter head. Please give how-to particulars.

  32. Date: Mon, 2 Jun 97 16:44:32 EDT
    Name:: Dan Bollinger
    E-mail:: dan@critters.mdn.com
    Location:: West Lafayette, Indiana
    RQFC-topic: Green Man Faces
    Message:: I am interested in the men, Freemasons I suppose, who carved the Green Man Faces on cathedrals around Europe. Green Man is a Grotesque Mask Caricature of a man terminating in foliage, frequently with vines coming forth from his mouth. I am doing work on promoting wholesome masculinity and the Green Man as a positive, generative male archetype is exciting.

  33. Date: Tue, 3 Jun 97 16:20:00 EDT
    Name:: Thomas Lober
    E-mail:: TLober2019@aol.com
    Location:: Watsonville, CA USA
    RQFC-topic: Membership
    Message:: I would like to Know of any Lodges or Masons I could talk to in my area (Monterey Bay or Santa Cruz, California)

    [Web-editor's Note::again, same advice as always. Use the Pointers page at this web-site to contact the Grand Lodge for your state. Call or write to the office of the Grand Secretary and ask about lodges in your area. Best of luck.]

  34. Date: Tue, 3 Jun 97 18:31:01 EDT
    Name:: A R Novelletto
    E-mail:: novelletto@sti.com.br
    Location:: Mogi das Cruzes, SP Brazil
    Lodge:: Cruzeiro do |tapeti 1725
    Lodge Loc'n:: Mogi das Cruzes SP Brazil
    Office:: Rua Franz Steiner. Mogi das Cruzes SP Br
    RQFC-topic: Scottish ritte
    Message:: Regards from brasilias FM

  35. Date: Fri, 6 Jun 97 03:50:32 EDT
    Name:: Ray DOUGLAS
    Location:: Cairns Queensland Australia
    Lodge:: Allen Lodge 284H UGLQ
    Lodge Loc'n:: Cairns Qld Australia
    RQFC-topic: History of Freemasonary in Australia

  36. Date: Sun, 8 Jun 97 20:27:31 EDT
    Name:: Luiz Carlos Sorrentino
    E-mail:: sorrent@uol.com.br
    Location:: Santo Andre - SP ( Brasil )
    Lodge:: Fenix III
    Lodge Loc'n:: Sao Paulo - SP ( Brasil )
    Office:: First Deacon
    Message:: Concerning the York Rite I am interested in information regarding the story and the Emulation Ritual.

  37. Date: Mon, 9 Jun 97 09:17:16 EDT
    Name:: Kevin Tucker
    E-mail:: ktucker@scsn.net
    Location:: Columbia, SC USA
    RQFC-topic: Masonic Motto?
    Message:: I am looking for information related to what appears to be a Masonic chair from the 19th century. It has the carved motto "Friendship, Unity, and Fidelity" below a carved emblem of four hands reaching for a heart. Any info on the use of the quote or the emblem is most welcome.

  38. Date: Tue, 10 Jun 97 10:27:42 EDT
    E-mail:: NONE
    Location:: NEW EGYPT NEW JERSEY 08533
    Lodge:: PYRAMID #92 F&AM
    Lodge Loc'n:: NEW EGYPT N.J.

  39. Date: Sat, 14 Jun 97 13:48:27 EDT
    Name:: Bro H.G. de Bruyne
    E-mail:: heidebru@worldonline.nl
    Location:: Beuningen , The netherlands
    Lodge:: De Bron
    Lodge Loc'n:: Nijmegen
    RQFC-topic: experiences of the first degree
    Message:: I am a freemason for just 6 months , I like to share experiences with another new brother.

  40. Date: Sun, 15 Jun 97 02:24:52 EDT
    Name:: Ronald M. Venable, Sr.
    E-mail:: dvenable@erols.com
    Location:: Belcamp, Maryland 21017
    Lodge:: Jessie J. Shanks 137
    Lodge Loc'n:: Havre de Grace, Maryaland 21078
    Office:: Asst. Regional Grand Lecturer
    RQFC-topic: St. John the Baptist/St. John the Evangelist
    Message:: I have been asked to give the purpose during our Saint Johns Day Celebration. I will aprreciate any assistance that you can provide. Thanking you in advance. Fraternally, P.M. Ronald M. Venable

  41. Date: Sun, 15 Jun 97 18:51:16 EDT
    Name:: Bristol M.Roberts
    E-mail:: bigrob218@aol.com
    Location:: Memphis, Tennessee,USA
    Lodge:: Summer Avenue Lodge #729
    Lodge Loc'n:: Memphis,Tenn.
    Office:: P.M.: serving again as Senior Deacon
    RQFC-topic: masons in politics on capitol hill
    Message:: are there any masons on capitol hill who are currently active in their lodges; scottish rite bodies ; shrine ;etc...?