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Monterrey Mexico Shriners Help Local Kids

Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 19:45:19 -0600 (CST)
From: Jose de Jesus Arrambide Gonzalez<josearrambide@yahoo.com.mx>
Subject: New website for the Shriners in Monterrey
To: dryfoo <dryfoo@mit.edu>

Hello brother Gary, it`s me again.

I am not the greatest webmaster in the world, but I do it free, that`s why I have made the page of the Shriners of Monterrey here in Mexico.

There`s only 20 members brother. It`s not easy beeing a shriner in this country. People don`t have a lot of money to spare, and it`s not different with the members of the shrine here, but when you see the faces of the kids you know it`s worth it.

Before 1996 a few people tried to obtain money telling people they could contact Shriner hospitals in Texas (they have the closest hospitals to our state) but that there was a fee for the process.

A few shriners in Texas found out about this and they came to Monterrey to ask for the help of the masonic brothers in here, asking of the members to create a shrine club to help the people. One of the brothers of my mother lodge Pedro Garza de Hoyos decided someone had to do something, he took a plane to Mexico City, joined the Shrine, and opened a the Shrine club in Monterrey.

Thanks to him there are 19 more brothers that make sure NO ONE pays a dime. As you know the transportation is not covered by the program, and most of the kids' families can not pay for a bus ride. That`s why Shriners of Monterrey rents buses to take an average of 35 kids to therd checkups each month, and pay for tickets for the kids ready to have an operation or treatment.

We would be honored to have our page in your web page as a link. http://www.geocities.com/shrinersmonterrey/

I send to you a fraternal embrace brother Gary

Jose de Jesus Arrambide Gonzalez

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