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Holy Land Lodge

From: "Dr. Daniel N. Farhey" <farheyd@email.uc.edu>

Dear Brethren:

The Holy Land Lodge #50 was created in order to enable Brethren from all over the world, living outside Israel, to be able to affiliate to a Lodge in the Holy Land and feel part of Israeli Freemasonry.

Membership is open to all Master Masons in good standing belonging to a Lodge under the jurisdiction of a Grand Lodge, with which the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel maintains fraternal relations (in brief, all "Regular" Lodges, and that includes all US and Canadian Grand Lodges). Members receive a Lodge Jewel they may wear (if local regulations permit it), an affiliation Certificate, and all publications issued by the GL of Israel. The Lodge itself meets in Israel, whenever required to greet visiting groups of Brethren from abroad. It works in the language understood by the visiting Brethren (generally English, but we have had meetings conducted in French and Spanish, as well).

The current Worshipful Master is R.W. Bro. Joseph E.A. Salem, Hon. Deputy Grand Master, GL of Israel, who in a long and distinguished Masonic career in Rhodesia and later in Israel, filled the highest positions in the craft, the Royal Arch and the AASR.

Brethren interested in affiliating to the Holy Land Lodge #50 are invited to visit our Web site "Freemasonry in Israel" at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/9991/. In the page "The Holy Land Lodge #50," you will find simple instructions and a printable copy of the "Petition for Affiliation."

Very sincerely and fraternally,
Your Brother Danny, fmisrael@geocities.com

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