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Masonic Museum in Ukraine

Masonry of Ukraine was ruined twice. Not only masons and their works were persecuted. It was dangerous even keeping at home things connected with masons. Thus everything concerned with masonry was destroyed in our country. There are no masonry attributes even in the state museums.

That is why search of the exhibits for our museum is the main problem for us. The acquisition of ground area of 1000 square metres and building of museum edifice of 250 square metres was realized using only our private funds, construction works aren't finished yet. That is why we have financial limits for acquisition of exhibits.

We'll be appreciate to everyone who believe in our idea of popularization of high masonic ideals, and could make a donation to us of any thing we could exhibit in our museum. It can be masonic literature of any age, periodicals, photoes, attributes of masonic devotion (aprons, swords, candlesticks, emblems, flags).

If your Lodge is interested in being represented in our museum, we'll arrange a separate exposition if there will be enough materials with great pleasure.

We'll be appriciate also for any information about your Lodge and if you contact us.

In the future we are looking forward to have an opportunity to receive guests in our museum. Also we would like to thank those brothers from USA, France and Russia who have already helped us. Special thank to G who created this site.

A unique edition of the Bible printed by the founder of Russian masonry, Novikov. It is an original of 18th century presented by Brother from St. Petersburg.

Ritual sword with decoration of sphinxes.

For more information, contact "Konstantin" <phoenix1@farlep.net>

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