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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: "Mike Ihrig" <ihrig@gte.net>

Thank you for this space to speak my mind on Masonry. My father always told my sister and I that if we ever needed help look for one of two things, a policeman or a man with a Masonic ring. I learned early that there was something special about those men. Men who respected women, who took off their hat when the Flag went by, men who stood for what was right even when it was unpopular to do so.

A few years after my father became a Mason a friend of his introduced me to The Order of De Molay, he drove 60 miles round trip to take me to meetings never asking anything in return. My father died before I became a Mason, but his friend was there, still watching over me and helping to build my character. Thank you Brother Paul!

To answer all three questions: The majority of the men (and women thru Eastern Star) I have admired all my life have been associated with Masonry. They set an example for my behavior and provided a pattern that I have always tried to live by. I have always wanted to be a Mason.

Mike Ihrig
PM Stigler Lodge #121
Stigler Oklahoma

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