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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: "Jorge A.Cano" <cano4@lancnews.infi.net>
From: "Jorge A.Cano" <cano4@lancnews.infi.net>
Subject: Being a mason.
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 00:47:31 -0400

Dear brother:

I became a member of Ashara Lodge 398 about a year ago. Recently I did finish my first guide work for a first degree and I loved every minute of it. Years ago in Cuba, one of my good high school friends' grandfather happened to be one of the few Illustrious 33` around the area. For some reason he always left a good print on my young mind about ethics and morality, and I hold him responsible for my personal decision to join the fraternity. It is very comforting to go to a place where I can be around a fine group of guys who respect, understand and care for each other. The degrees up to 32` are also very interesting and moving; eventually I would like to become an officer of the lodge and perhaps the Worshipful Master of our group. It is also to let you know that you are quite welcome to visit us here in Marietta,PA. I would like to hear from you. Peace be with you and good night.

Jorge A. Cano

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