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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: "William E. Harner Jr." <33840157@gateway.net >
From: "pop.gateway.net" <33840157@gateway.net>
To: <dryfoo@MIT.EDU>
Subject: Why I Became A Mason
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 20:56:20 -0500

To whom it may concern! I am a Mason since 1957. I decided to become seek membership in the Masonic Fraternity for three very good reasons. First, my father, though not a Mason always spoke well of the Lodge based on what he saw in men he believed to be Masons. Secondly, as a young man I noticed that many of the leaders in my church wore a funny little pin in the lapel of their suit coat. I asked one what that pin was and was told it was a Masonic pin. Then when finished by theological education and was ordained in the ministry and received a call to my first parish I saw that same little pin or a ring with the Square and Compass worn by many, if fact most of the leaders of my conggregation. It was then that I decided I would like to identify with that organization that provided so much of the leadership in my home church, Zion Reformed Church, Pottstown, Pennsylvania and then in the churches I served in Northern Berks County in Southeast Pennsylvania, i.e., St. Luke's Reformed Church, Shoemakersville and St. Michael's Reformed Church, Hamburg, Pennsylvania. I am William E. Harner, Jr. mailto:33840157@gateway.net

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