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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: Todd Pierce <Pierce@techspot.com>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:41:20 -0400
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Dear sir:

I stumbled onto your page just searching for general Masonic info, got hooked on your thoughtful, informed and patient answers to the letters-of-the-month, and have had a very pleasant time except I have run out of letters. I will look forward to the letter for June.

I was just poking about for general stuff as the WM of my lodge has suggested I not do too much research just yet. I think he wants to preserve the proceedings for me as I hope to be raised to Master next month. I have never been one to peek at my presents before Christmas, so I have taken his suggestion.

I have, however, figured out the answer to a "mystery" that I think is linked with Masonry. My grandfather and some uncles were Masons and I have always wondered why it was that a common thing at their funerals was that the attendance was just HUGE! The thing about the people that came was that they didn't usually know us family, didn't usually know each other, came from all walks of life. What they shared was that years or even many decades previously, my grandfather or uncles had done each of those people or their families a good turn; and that good turn had been of such a character that they felt it right that they should come to mourn, and sometimes to express some thanks, and It seemed, just to tell of whatever quiet consideration had brought them there, as if they did not, no one would ever know.

As I have learned more about Masonry in my own degrees it has become plain to me that my grandfather and uncles were just living their Masonic promises, doing what they could, when they could, quietly, trying to be square in their dealings and to be better men.

I have a very great deal to live up to and am glad that I have a lodge of brothers to help me on the way - I wish I had petitioned years ago - but my son is smarter, and begins his own journey soon.

Thanks for a fine web page experience.


Todd Pierce

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