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Why did you become a Freemason?

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Hello, I came upon your page and thought that it was the most informative page for Masons and Non-Masons alike.

My first experience with Masonry was back when I went 21 years old and on my way to Army boot camp. We had a recruit who was 34 years old whose name I only remember as Specialist Thomas and had joined the Army to provide a better life for his 2 daughters. I found this to be the most unselfish act. However, I found that this recruit was the only one who wore a ring on his finger. It was a Masonic Ring. It was then that I realized that the majority of my Drill Instructors were also Masons because of the "Light" on their cars and on their fingers. There was something about them that I found to be different. They carried themselves proudly and looked as if the knowledge they contained within was there so long as you asked for it. The only thing that I could connect to them was that they were all Masons. I figured that if this would be what I could expect from Masonry, then I would by all means make it a point to become a Mason. I asked Spc. Thomas a lot of questions about the Masons and ultimately I asked him how would I go about joining the Brotherhood. However, before anything happened, I was sent back home due to a death in my family. That was in 1995.

From that time on, I tried to contact him and I did not know that all I had to do was ask anyone who was a Mason. I started working as a wireless phone technician in October and I met a Brother who worked in the store I worked in. On March 3, 2001, I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice. I am now a FellowCraft and am becoming a Master Mason within the next coming months. I think about the close calls I had in the Army with Masonry and I can just say that the Lord did not deem that time in my life appropriate for me to fully understand what being a Brother or a Mason really was. I am now 27 years old and I know that I am spiritually ready for the task ahead of me.

Thank you for allowing me to be able to share my story.

Motto: Be Patient. The Great Architecht is designing the plans for your foundation as we live and your "building" will soon begin to rise and take shape.

Fraternally Yours,
F.C. Gabriel Roman
Keystone #83
Newark, N.J.

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