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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: Richard Kurtz <rkurtz@mail.qconline.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 14:44:36 -0600
To: masonry-ask@mit.edu
Subject: Why I Joined Freemasonry


I am a 35+ year Freemason. I joined the Lodge for several reasons.

The first reason was that I had been a member of the Order of DeMolay as a teen. Belonging to this organization exposed me to the Fraternity and a number of men who belonged.

Second, my father was a Master Mason. Like so many others, it took me several years to figure out that I had to ASK to become a Mason.

My real reason, and the most valid one, as proven over the years, was for the brotherhood that exists between members of our Fraternity. This friendship and trust between Masons has been proven over and over again, not only in history, but in my own life.

For any man who is not a Freemason, and who meets the requirements of the Fraternity, my only thought is "What are you waiting for?"

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