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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: David S. Pirkle <Dsp2155@aol.com>
Message-ID: <5a.1ae91c7c.2bccec8f@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 01:03:11 EDT
Subject: Why I Joined Freemasonry
To: masonry-ask@mit.edu

I tried to send you the story of when I was child that I witnessed my father and his friends help a child in need when my father him self was in the hospital. This was what has always pushed me to the light, and when I think more on the question, the answer is more simple than I ever belived.My father is a Mason my father in-law, my brother in-law, my best friend and my brother are all masons. These are people that I have always had the greatest respect for, and I saw the connection of why they were men I respected, and I wanted to be like them. My only regret is I did not do it when my father was alive, my father in-law was a recommender on my petition and he passed away before I was accepted.

fraternally yours

David S. Pirkle
Venus lodge 804
Venus Texas

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