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Why did you become a Freemason?

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I joined my lodge for the purpose of meeting people in the community. Not to conduct business, but just to meet people. I have found that I did not meet people, but friends and brothers, folks that I care about like family. I was told at my first meeting that I would get out of my membership what I put into it.

I have been a member of several service groups and was told the same thing. I had no idea how my experience shaped my life. I became engaged in the lodge, learned ritual work, and contributed as best as I could. I found that I received much more than I could ever contribute. Next year I will become master of my lodge.

Masonry has been the second best choice of my life to date, second only to taking my wife. If anyone reads this and is on the fence about joining, do it! You will be blessed with friends for life.

Larry Klotz
Fishres IN

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