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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: Marcus Boone <Booneknives@aol.com>
Message-ID: <1cd.17ea2b91.2d3c0527@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 10:49:59 EST
Subject: Why I Joined Freemasonry
To: masonry-ask@mit.edu

I am honored for the opportunity to say why I joined the masons. I grew up as a child with my Grandfather and Uncles being involved but never myself understood all that the fraternity stood for: I only know they were good men who kept their word and were totally accountable.

I am now 41 years old and have put-off becoming a Freemason for many years because of gossip and speculation of the uninformed and ignorant. When I took the step of becoming a mason, I found not only a Brotherhood of quality men who were like my Grandfather and Uncles, But I learned the speculative negative information I had heard for so many years were wrong.

It is a fraternity of God-fearing men who uphold truth and honesty and embrace wholesome standards for living.

I am only an Entered-apprentence at this point. My Master Mason ceremony is expected to be in April. I can only say that I have one regret... That is in waiting so long in joining this organization of quality men.

May God in his love and wisdom, keep us forever steadfast.

Marcus Boone
Ohio Lodge 607

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