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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: "Willy Pierce" <77fury@comcast.net>
To: <masonry-ask@mit.edu>
Subject: Why I Joined Freemasonry
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 19:28:53 -0500

RWB Gary,

My name is WB William Pierce and I am a 4 time Past Master (including this year) of my lodge, Steubenville #45 Located in Steubenville Ohio. i also belong to The Valley of Steubenville Scottish Rite, York Rite Bodies of Steubenville, Aladdin Shrine in Columbus, Steubenville Shrine Club and Motor Patrol (Past President), President of the Steubenville Masonic Temple and 1st vice President of the 24th District Past Masters Assc.

All This And I have only been a Mason for 8 years come march 23. and now for the real kicker I am only 31 years old.

Now I didn't tell you this to pat myself on the back, but that when i asked my neighbor about lodge when I was working for in my yonger years what was that ring he was wearing? He told me it was a Masonic Ring and if I ever wanted to join a great organization when I got old enough he would gladly help me out.

So some years passed and some other people I knew Were Masons And i Finnaly asked how to join and he told me I just did and he got me a petition.

When I asked for that petition I didn't know much about Masonry but i did know that all the masons I had met were great people and I asked some of them what it was about and they told me I makes good Men Better and I can honestly say it has done that for me.

After my first step into lodge I fell in love and have never looked back i jumped right into the Officers line and we had some people drop out of line for various Reasons and the lodge felt I could do a good job and elected me Master after I was only a Mason for 2 and a half years I love Masonry With all my heart and have given so much and got so much more out of it. Because you only get out of Masonry what you put in to it.

I have met so many wonderful people in my eight years as A Mason that i would incourage any man to join The largest and oldest Fraternaty in the World.

By The way the night I was raised my neighbor gave me the ring I asked him about years ago, it was a very touching moment in my life because i looked up to him so much and I never take it off except when I have to go throgh metal detectors and stuff like that.

I also had the honor of rasing My Dad in 2001 I was not master that year but Senior Warden. The Master and I Switched Stations For all Three of his degree's. When my Dad asked me to join lodge it was one of the proudest days of my life because he and I are very close.

I have looked through your site and find it very informative and will re visit it offten.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Fraternally Yours
WB William Pierce PM 1999,2002,2003 and 2004
145 Locust Blvd.
Wintersville Ohio 43953

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