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Why did you become a Freemason?

From: "Doug Hitz" <d_hitz@hotmail.com>
To: <masonry-ask@mit.edu>
Subject: Why I Joined Freemasonry
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 20:44:54 -0500
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Brother Dryfoos,

Why did I become a Freemason? First let me tell you that I new to the Fraternity having been just raised to the Third Degree two nights ago and that I am 30 years old, married with a daughter.

My entire life I have had good fortune to have been surrounded by good men. My Father is not a Freemason but the way he has led his life reflects the principles espoused within the Fraternity. Men I grew up respecting at my Church are Freemasons. These men were in positions of responsibility and served the congregation for long periods of time with dedication and excellence.

When I entered the working world I was fortunate enough to work with a gentleman who was a Shriner. He was and is an exceptional man. He made such an impression on me because he spoke from both the heart and the head and challenged a young man to be better. At the time I didn't know membership in a Blue Lodge and the Scottish Rite was required to be a Shriner. When I left that company I carried with me lessons that he had not only taught but showed by example.

At my most recent employer I had the pleasure to work with a number of retired gentlemen. As with all offices we would engage in conversation "around the water cooler". All the men who worked for me were great but two of them stood out. Somehow, one day the topic of Freemasonry came up. I indicated that I had always wondered "what they were all about". As the conversation deepened I found that these two men were Freemasons.

Due to this conversation I was invited to a Friend to Friend dinner at the Lodge, met some the Brethren and the Officers. I found these men to be affable and of high moral character. We were of the same mind on a number of general topics. I decided to petition the Lodge for membership.

After I received my First Degree I found that my initial impression was correct. This group of men represented the best in humanity.

I became a Freemason because I fervently believe that if you want to know more about a man you need to look at his friends and who he chooses to associate with. I wanted to associate myself with other men of high moral integrity, and men that choose to live their lives accordingly.

I am a Freemason. I am proud of the men who I sit next to in Lodge.


Douglas W. Hitz
West Shore Lodge #681

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