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Why did you become a Freemason?

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Subject: Why I Joined Freemasonry
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:24:49 -0600

Why I Became a Freemason

To put it simply... I became a freemason because my father was a mason. My intentions were well meant. My father is a great man. He wouldn't possibly become a member of something that wasn't worthwhile and wholesome. My father never had the time for frivilous activity. Masonry simply is not frivilous. That may not be the answer you seek, however, my becomming a freemason gives me insight into sharing with you why I am proud that I became a freemason.

Throughout history, there has been division. Look back at the civil war. Two sides, the north and the south, torn in their own country. Both sides fighting against each other. On both sides, however, there were similarities. Men were fathers, brothers, sons... men who had family. Men who plowed fields. Men who owned stores. Men who had other things to do other than fight a war. Those similarities couldn't matter in the war. Fathers killed fathers. Brothers killed brothers... bankers killed bankers. It was a vcious cycle. One similarity did matter, however... Fraternal brotherhood. On each side, there were masons. These masons, knowing each other to be such protected each other. There was not north and south, no blue or grey, no hatered, no right and wrong... simply brotherhood.

You see, masonry is stronger than any differences. We are all the same, seeking common goals of fraternity, brotherhood, and a place in heaven. Masonry takes good men of all backgrounds and makes them better. I am a newscaster and know many people. I am friends with Governors, lawyers, judges, CEO's of large firms... people from all different walks of life. Likewise, many presidents, governors, lawyers, judges, etc are masons. But in a lodge setting, I don't know titles... I just know brothers. These are men who, in a normal setting wouldn't have the time to talk with average joe fro the street. However, even to presidents of our country who have been mason... I am not average joe... I am a brother. No other organization that I know of can say that as honestly as masons can.

My brothers have helped me move into a house, put presents for my kids under the tree when I didn't have any, help secure a moving truck in a state miles away from me when I couldn't be there to do it myself. Many of these brothers I have never met... nor have they met me. But they know me. They don't know much about me... they don't need to. They know that I am a mason. That is all that matters to them.

They know what I know. Mason's are a a great group of men who believe in friendship and brotherly love. As a human, I can learn to trust someone. As a mason, a man who has been tried, tested and forund to be good in heart and spirit, we are dependable to be called upon. We are honest in our efforts, devoted to making our lives good and devoted to serve others in their time of need.

We give millions of dollars each day to help save childrens lives. Our Shriners Hospitals take on new children everyday whos parents can't afford the care they need... and we give it to them and never ask for a penny in return.

We take a young girl who has an eye disease that will soon cause her to loose all sight and make her wish of seeing Mickey Mouse a reality before she goes blind come true.

We take a family who is going broke driving their son to cancer treatments over 100 miles away and set them up with a charge account at a gas station that they never have to repay and ensure their son will always get to his appointments.

The list goes on and on. Why do we do things? Because we are masons... and that is WHY we are masons.

Best wishes to you. And one final suggestion... share with your wife and loved ones what you learn from this. Masonry INVOLVES your family... it doesn't exclude. This isn't a "one night a wekk get-away from your wife"... this is a fraternity that helps you be a better man for yourself, your wife and your family. Talk with your wife about your desire to learn more about the fraternity... and learn about it together. The benefits are great... and you are the only one who can set the limits on how great the benefits will be. You will learn this to be true... you will get 10 times as much out of the fraternity as you put into it.

Best wishes...

Jason Whitehorn
KSWO-TV / ABC 7 News

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