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Various Grand Masters in the UGLE

From an upcoming issue of Masonry Universal...

From: Gordon Charlton

|                          UGLE Grand Masters                          |
|                                                                      |
|It is a common belief that all jurisdictions have one Grand Master.   |
|This is not quite correct...                                          |
|                                                                      |
|    We have a Grand Master - he's Royalty so...                 GM    |
|    we also have a Pro Grand Master to help out                PGM    |
|    And a Deputy Grand Master                                  DGM    |
|    And Assistant Grand Masters                                AGM    |
|    And then there are Provincial GM's                         PGM    |
|    Ours is Royalty too, so he has Pro to help                PPGM    |
|    And the Deputy Provincials                                DPGM    |
|    And the Assistant Provincials                             APGM    |
|    We don't only have Provinces, we have Districts too, so    DGM    |
|    And, naturally,                           PDGM, DDGM, and ADGM    |
|    Then there is the Past Grand Master                        PGM    |
|    And Past Pro, Deputy and Assistant GMs     PPGM, PDGM and PAGM    |
|    And the Past Provincials          PPGM, PPPGM, PDPGM and PAPGM    |
|    And of course the Past Districts  PDGM, PPDGM, PDDGM and PADGM    |
|                                                                      |
|Past is an honourary title, as well as indicating former office, so   |
|there can be plenty of them. I hope this helps to clarify the matter. |

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