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New Portuguese Grand Lodge

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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 16:55:36 +0100
To: dryfoo@MIT.EDU
From: Nandin de  Carvalho <dosdin@mail.telepac.pt>
Subject: news about Portugal

Portugal Grand LOdge was assaulted last 7 december by a group of family of the past grand master that wanted to took over the masonic power of the Grand Lodge against the dully elected and installed Grand Master Luis Nandnin de Carvalho, during the World Conference of Gm held in Estorl, Portugal last 28 of September.

After that, the elected GM, with the support of the large majority of the portuguese lodges and bretehern, reunited, and decided in agrand lodge meeting to adopt a new name Grande Loaj Legal Of Portugal /GLRP, becaus all the accounts, bank deposits and docunets were taken by the inavders in the main office of the garnd lodge, rented in the name of the past GM.

Immedaitaly all the authorities of the High Degrees in Portugal, Royal Arch Chapter, Supreme Council 33, and Scotish Rectified Right-Knights Templars, declared that they only recognised the garnd lodge jurisdiction under the GM elected, Mr. Carvalho, and under the activities of the Grande Loja Legal de Portugal/GLRP.

As a Consequence the large majority of the Grand Lodges all over the world did declared that they indeed recognised only the Gm elected, Luis Nandin de Carvalho, and so yhe Grande Loja Legal de Portugal/GLRP.

Next steps were the GM conference of north america held in Tulsa, last 19th february and yhe conference of Inter Americana (Central and south America masons), that reconfirmed what the absolutly majority of the regular european lodges did, and so they reconfirmed the recognition of regularity, and more they are considering the putschists of the 7 decemver assult as anti-masons, and so that they are gathering themselves within a pseudo grand lodge. The portuguese civic authorities that followed these events with great concern, are now udertaken criminal actions trough the public attorney office against the ex-masons that so incredibly atacked the masons and offended the democratic patterns of Portugal.

GLLP/GLRP has now an experimental home page at http://www.dosdin.pt/glrp All support and advice will be welcomed and all request of more information will also be provided. frteranl Greetings, Grand Master Office, LNC

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