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Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets and then teams up with three complete stangers to kill again.

The Funny Pages

  • Make of this one what you will.
  • You probably already know about the Astronomy Picture of the Day web-site. But have you ever seen this other tasty site with a similar format?
  • My continuing quest for Justice ... well, continues.
  • George W's Resume...
  • ...and a song in Spanish about getting really drunk!
  • At last!... The Rules!!!
  • A very unusual portrait of John Ashcroft .
  • Can you help this fella out?
  • Special public service: How To Get Rid of Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Read all about the 1999 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremonies
  • Love amongst the ruins...
    NOTE: The meagre offering of D.....t stuff that I had here is no longer available, thanks to the efforts of an anal-retentive In-duh-vidual at the United Feature Syndicate.

  • You definitely want to drop in on The Brunching Shuttlecocks.
  • A few of my own, including The Pacifier — A journalistic relic from the Reagan era.
  • An interestingly alternative sort of test.

    Some terrific stories: (are they true? who cares?)

    Did you hear the one about... ?

    The Three Texas Surgeons The old poodle The Match and the Martians
    The Pope The guy being chased
    by a bear
    The farmer and the kid
    The duck The godfather and the accountant. The little rooster
    The penguin The programmer
    and the engineer
    The horse and the rabbit
    The golfers The four engineers in the car These two molecules...
    The parrot The monkey in a bar The farmer & his pigs
    Another parrot The koala and the hooker The Jew and the Father
    The alligator The three pints of Guiness The parrot in a plane
    The two bees The Musical Octopus The bronze rat
    Another duck A man walks into a doctors office... These two vultures
    Cow from Minsk The Hunting Trip The Butcher Dance
    A Yiddishe Indian Tale The Phone Call Action heroes as Famous Composers
    The Jewish Advisor Yet Another Parrot The Parrot and the Magician
    The Cover-up Greatest Hollywood Monkey Joke Ever Jake Levy's big week
    The Scottish Hospital The Dog in the Synagogue World's Best Pirate Joke
    Gone to the Hangin' Little David's answers A Terrific Dog
    A Defective Parrot Dr. Dave's Secret The Queen and Diana Go For a Ride
  • Here's a bunch more, at Lori's Mismash Humor Page
  • What women say, and what they mean.
  • Quietly repeat to yourself the Senility Prayer.
  • Then and Now...
  • Imagine seeing this on American TV...
  • When you're in Boston, visit the original Jack's Joke Shop for jokes, pranks, magic tricks, and costumes. Tell 'em you heard about 'em here.
  • I want to complain!
  • Oh my God!.... -- some exclamations.
  • Adventurous experiments with marshmallow Peeps.... and Micro-wave Peep Jousting -- sport of kings.
  • Some Twilight Zone limericks.
    Dogs Haiku
    Dogs and Computers: compare and contrast.
    Some memorable dog quotes.
    Dog wisdom
    A dog story that seems too good to be true!
    the Unabomber
    Computer error messages
    the corporate world
    Chai-ku: Jewish Haiku has been circumcised
    Dog Haiku
  • Some musings on the best name ever!
  • Was it just too hard for the genie?
  • When Bill Keane ("Family Circus") sees this, there's gonna be lawyers flyin' all over the room!
  • Could this really be it?
  • Wanna get Jazzed?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • You've heard the rumors. You've gotten the Dave Barry article by e-mail (again and again). At last... The whole true story of that exploding whale, and a book on the subject by an unfortunate witness.
  • The Dumbentia parody site now has parodies of motivational posters!
  • You want Fun? How about Ellen Holbrook's site Fun1st!
  • Here's the original Old English version of a popular Christmas-time song.
  • A story for Rosh Hashanah. And what the Mishnah teaches...
  • The real story of Creation.
  • An just possibly true example of grace under (exam) pressure.
  • This is true!
  • Douglas Adams's final project: Take a tour of the Star Ship Titanic. But don't even think about trying to get into the secret files of the Starship Titanic Construction intranet.
  • Some tips for a saner office.
  • Study the Evil Checklist, just in case...
  • Titles of Children's Books We'll Never See
  • Just a small disagreement.
  • The cat flap story from Germany.
  • Beer vs Religion
  • Some New Words for a New Era.
  • I include the Car Talk page here because there are people who find them funny.
  • Do you know about VooDoo, the MIT Journal of ``Humor''?
  • Looking for the right word? Try The Meaning of Liff.
  • The Church of Scientology can be a bunch of laughs, until they get you. (eh-heh heh...)
  • Doctor Fun is a daily cartoon published only on the Net.
  • Totally insane-y! Those are the Facts!
  • The GNN comix page.
  • Now you can tell this old joke anywhere in the world!
  • How have you managed to get this far in life without the Shakespeare Insult Kit?
  • AIR:
  • He's got A Little List. (They never would be missed.)
  • Here's another game to play, sir.
  • An Important Medical Warning
  • A little snippet from good old Dave Barry.
  • A selection of Scientific Warnings.
  • How a user help line might really work.
  • Here's a Firesign Theater page. And here's another. And here's the More Sugarpage.
  • Something called MUSH is all I know.
  • Some operas by Wagner and Rossini.
  • Some tips on how to handle an awkward social situation.
  • Some handy Latin phrases.
  • A look at how things got started.
  • A very cool idea.
  • A little lesson in customer service techniques.
  • A hot new screenplay. And a scene from another one.
  • Girls! Why you'd a love a techno-geek, and how to catch one.
  • Users... Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em!
  • Are you a Real Guy? Take this quiz and find out.
  • Let The Big Guy know what you really think.
  • Here are the instructions.
  • Isn't that what friends are for?
  • Here are nearly 50 ways to amuse yourself and others while in a confined space.
  • Doh! It's America's favorite family, The Simpsons, including:
  • A little netnewsworthy Christmas song.
  • The San Francisco Cacophony Society seem like my kind of folks!
  • Several societies for the preservation of the pun.
  • Here. Just browse around for yourself.
  • The Paws that refreshes.
  • Well, excuse me!
  • Take care of your diskettes!
  • A Parable of Productivity
  • An inspirational Office Prayer.
  • A political leftover from 1994.
  • So many ways to say, "Duh."
  • Okay, here's more about turkey butts than I ever wanted to know!
  • Gee, I'll bet that hurt!
  • Revealing the Big Secret!
  • Meet Richard Lederer, Verbivore.
  • The Darwin Awards
  • Here's a man who knows what he wants.
  • The REAL story of The Little Red Hen.
  • A tribute to the physicist Erwin Schrodinger.
  • You'll need to learn these office phrases for this modern era.
  • The songs of the immortal (so far) Tom Lehrer!
  • You know those "Equation Tests" with the numbers and abbreviations? This is hardest one I've ever seen.
  • Those loveable South Park scamps: Here's what Cartman thinks of Kyle's mom
  • This Fun with Words site is more fun than you think it is.
  • Names:

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