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A cheap NT server??

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From:Netsurfer Digest: Vol. 02, #29  9-13-96


   This is a juicy bit of investigative hacking on the part of the folks
   at O'Reilly, the indispensable technical publisher and originator of
   GNN. It seems that by setting two values in the Windows Registry you
   can turn an NT Workstation operating system into the much more
   expensive and capable Windows NT Server. This flies in the face of
   Microsoft claims that the two are very different pieces of software.
   They are not. It's the same software with a switch of configurations
   for control features and performance. Is Microsoft guilty of foul
   mendacity, or are they just sharp business competitors? You judge. It
   makes for fun reading, especially the jingoistic and detailed hack
   article. Expect to see the already written reconfiguration utilities
   on the Net any day now, even though they do violate Microsoft
   The Story: <URL:http://www.pcweek.com/news/0902/06ent.html>
   The Hack: <URL:http://software.ora.com/news/ms_internet_andrews.html>
   The Rebuttal: <URL:http://www.zdnet.com/uk/news/ns-322.html>

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