Ask Dr. Trivia

(Hittin' the Links Edition) (fwd)
From: "Dave Burna - 641-4013" 
Subject: Ask Dr. Trivia (Hittin' the Links Edition) (fwd)

Ever wonder what the proper (original) name is for each golf club? Me neither, but here they are anyway.

No. 1: Driver
No. 2: Brassie
No. 3: Spoon
No. 4: Baffy/Cleek

No. 1: Driving Iron/Cleek
No. 2: Midiron
No. 3: Mid mashie
No. 4: Mashie iron
No. 5: Mashie
No. 6: Spade mashie
No. 7: Mashie niblick
No. 8: Pitching niblick/Lofter
No. 9: Niblick
No. 10: Wedge/Sand wedge
-- Putter

I don't call 'em by those names when I get frustrated and throw them in the nearest water hazard.