Exerpts from Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?

by Molly Ivins.

"Being a cynic is contemptibly easy. If you let yourself think that nothing you're working on is ever going to make a difference, why bust your tail over it? Why care? If you're a cynic, you don't have to invest anyhting in your work. No effort, no pride, no compassion, no sense of excellence, nothing. You can sit around on your butt most of the day, because, as has been proved time and time again on Houston newspapers, you don't really have to produce much of anything to pull down $160 a week. The rest of your time you can spend in bars impressing young reporters with your worldly wisdom...

Any good teacher will tell you that aiming at the lowest common denominator is poor practice. In communicating anything, you do better if you aim slightly above the heads of your audience. If you make them stretch a little, they respond better. If you keep aiming at the dumb ones, you never challenge them and you bore the hell out of the bright ones. You also commit the grievous and pernicious error of thinking the that people is dumb. One of the most horrific results is that the people start to think so themselves.

If in fact you hold that the people is dumb, if that attitude is not a pose, you're in the wrong business. Go join an ad agency.