The Dreydl


DREYDL: DRAY-d*l also dreydel, dreidl or dreidel n [Yiddish dreydl fr. dreyen "to turn or twist", fr. MHG draejen, fr. OHG draen]

  1. a 4-sided toy marked with Hebrew letters and spun like a top in a game of chance.
  2. a children's "put and take" game of chance played esp. at Chanukah with a dreydl. Traditional stakes are nuts or foil-covered chocolate coins.
Dreydl Letters: NGHSh
"A Great Miracle Happened There!"
translation Yiddish (English) -- GAME RULE
Nun Nes: "Miracle" [Nun] nit (nothing) -- PASS
Gimel Gadol: "A Great" [Gimel] gantz (all) -- TAKE ALL
Hay Hayah: "Happened" [Hay] halb (half) -- TAKE HALF
Shin Sham: "There" [Shin] shtell (put) -- PUT IN ONE

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