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The World's Greatest Man

taken verbatim from the card of the self-described “Greatest Man in the World”

Mahaguruji Dr. Prof. Pandit Bhek Pati Sinha
(J.A; BSS; M.A.;M.A.;Ph.D (Columbia)

1) World Class Celebrated Intellectual, Social, Spritual Celebrity Man of the Year 1998: American Biographical Institute. Life Governor, Manchester College, Oxford University, Oxford, England; International Civil Aviation and World Court Jurist (Highly Qualified Publicist); Certificate & post-doctoral research fellow, Hague Academy of Interational law; Associate 91969-1975), Columbia University Seminar in History of Legal & Political Thought;

2) Theologian (1972): International Theologians Conference, Germany. Panelist: International Political Science Association; International Studies Association; International Academy of Trial Lawyers; World Assembly of judges; World Conference on World Peace Through Law (Bangkok, Belgrade, Abidjan); Revision of United Nations Charter (1971, 1972, 1973 World Peace Through Law Center); Ocean Management & World Order (Stanley Foundation); South Asia & World Balance of Power (1972, Queens College, City University of New York)

3) Philosopher (1964): East-West Philosophers Conference, University of Hawaii; Educator: Kenley Prayag College (Trinidad, W.I.), U.S.A. (1962-1973): City University of new York; Columbia University; Drew University (N.J.); Indiana State University.

4) Lecturer (1962-6), UN Association of the USA; Guest lecturer (1951-1952): National University(Chile, Uruguay); Concepcion University (Chile); Atlantic University (Colombia); University of Cuzco (Peru); American Institute (La Paz, Bolivia, Santiago, Chile); British Council (Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Peru) In the U.S.A. Carver College (1956) The Kings College (1965); Columbia University School of Religion (1962); Columbia University Faculty Seminar in the History of Legal & Political Thought (1969, 1971); South Wester University School of Law (1978).

5) High Priest (1974), World Congress of Faiths, York, England. Teacher of six Precepts of love; Do not beleive what I believe; Do not think what I think; Do not say what I say; Do not do what I do; Do not do what I tell you to do; You are always welcome to leave me.

Hindu-priest & preacher (1948-1998): Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, British Guayana, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Iceland, Mauritius, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad, W,I,, Uruguay, United States.

International Human Rights & Analytical Jurist; International Theologian & Philosopher; International Law Moot Court Judge; Inventor of State Sovereignty and Fifth Criterion (Respect for and Observance of Fundamental Human Rights); Infinte Humane & Divine Calculus (Freedom, Individuality, Dignity, Humanity, Divinity, Love, God); Author of serveral works in Hinduism & International Law; Cosmic Priest, Vedic Cosmic Temple.

P.O. Box 926; Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-0926 USA
P.O. Box 3803; Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA

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