[My Fun-o-Rama] Moses Horwitz Memorial Society

Moses Horwitz

June 19, 1897 - May 4, 1975

June 19, 1997 will mark the centennial of Moses Horwitz, a man whose contributions to 20th Century art and culture cannot be over-estimated. A major influence on surrealism, deconstructionism, the political tactics of Richard Nixon, and the transvestite (and retarded persons) liberation movements, Mr. Horwitz deserves a world-wide salute on the 100th anniversary of this birth.

Moses (or "Moe" as he modestly preferred) has also recently been proven to have an influence even beyond the Earth. (See Prof. Timothy F.X. Finnegan's articles, proving that Moe is the Face on Mars: Royal Sir Miles nCopaleen Astro-Anomalistic Journal, 1995, Vol. 23, issues 17-18.)

We of the Moses Horwitz Memorial Society call upon all admirers of Moe and his work to celebrate June 19, 1997 with commemorations of all sorts -- block parties, film festivals, town meetings, silent meditations, TV specials, etc. Whatever your resources, get out there on June 19 and let Moe know that we all remember him and salute his genius.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

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