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Moishe Horwitz Birthday

Today is the birthday of Moishe Horwitz, inventor of the Moishe Horwitz Theory of Pedagogy, which holds that "If people do stupid things, hit them on the head with a hammer, or stick your finger in their eye, and their learning curve will improve."

Together with his brothers, Jerome and Shemuel, and another philosopher named Lawrence Feinstein, Moishe made a series of educational films released by Columbia Studios, which still remain popular on TV re-runs and videos.

In 1997, using advanced computer enhancement, Prof. Timothy F.X. Finnegan, in association with de Selby, proved that the contraversial "face on Mars" is actually Moishe Horwitz, whose influence can now be shown on two planets. [See, "Brooklyn Sage Memorialized on Mars," by Finnegan & deSelby, *Proceedings of the Royal Sir Myles na gCopaleen Astro-Anomalistic Society*, XXIII, 17]

Hail Moe! His heritage lives on.

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