Out Of Body Experiences

Subgenius Digest Mon, 20 Feb 95 Volume 6 : Issue 22
From: "J. Cooper" 
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Subject: Big Dummy's Guide to Astral Projection
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Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 12:50:58 -0500 (EST)
I didn't write this, but I used to know the guy who did. He is a good guy, a modern-day CyberGuru, if you will. If anyone can do it, I would bet he can. Tell me if you can manage it.. especially those of you who already know yoga..
Jeff Cooper at <coop@bu.edu>

Out Of Body Experiences

Many people have questions on how to develop the skill for OOBE's.. or Out Of Body Experiences. Some may call it Astral Projection. The two are the same in most properties.. but essentially, Astral projection is more of a planned cruise, with a place or person in mind. OOBE is what it says. An Experience. In this way, OOBE lets the mind be the guide. Subconsciously we all know what areas we need to visit, and to deal with. The planes we use to have the experience are real. If we try to limit it to the plane we're on, just so we can visit someone across town, we miss the point entirely. But of course, that type of travel is not without it's rewards. OOBE will contain both types of travels. Inner and outer. And they're the same. Since We are part of the universe, so then the universe around us is part of us. This implies that all can be experienced from within. So the label OOBE can be misleading. All travels to other planes are done within your own universe (which includes the outside as well). This can be confusing, especially for those who think they're going to FLY around their house. Or go visit relatives. In truth this happens exactly so. Only within the bubble of the defined universe as we perceive it.. If you are part of it -You're In it, and it is In you. So travel can be done from plane to plane, either way you call it. In the next lesson - I will offer some tools to gain confidence, and to learn how to achieve these experiences. These tools may offer people a starting point, that is but a stepping stone to the world waiting out there for them to visit.

Traveling Tips for Out Of Body Experiences.

Relaxation is an art, not many of us can achieve. We may say we do.. but we really do not do it correctly. The mind and body RESTS.. but is not relaxed. The best way to relax is to do Yoga exercises..and for this purpose, especially the DEATH POSE (Savasana). This can be looked up in any yoga book, in the library, or any bookstore. But here is the general idea:

Select a calm area to relax in, and try not to have any disturbances. Before falling asleep is a good time to do this. In your mind - talk yourself into relaxation - starting from the feet.. ankles.. calfs.. knees.. thighs.. and on up, all the way to the top of the head and face. Limb by limb. Spend at least 1 to 2 full minutes on EACH part of the body. And when done.. recheck the whole system. Imagine a Wave of energy that cools and rolls over your body.. up and down, making sure that all parts have achieved the relaxed state.

Once you are in this relaxed mode.. You must concentrate on your breathing. Do not try to alter the breathing. Only calm it. Don't force it to slow down. It will do that naturally. Only, you should follow your breathing's travel, in and out of the body. Imagine the air as energy. Breathing in..good energy. Breathing out used up energy. In -- as a warm glow.. feeding your mind and body... Out is a cool blue.. getting rid of used and bad energy.

When in a relaxed state..(this may take 20 minutes ... less if you're more experienced) - Imagine floating on water, or in the air. This is NOT yet an Out of Body experience. This is a training course of the Body's state to be, prior to departure. Do not try to depart at this time. You will surely fail. Or imagine that you did go out, and you'd be fooling yourself.

This exercise should be done for several days/weeks for each person. Up until the time the person can do this in a fairly fast time (5 to 10 minutes) without much effort. It has to become an experience the body understands, and not forced into, but rather accepts as just another natural function.

One hour in this floating state (without traveling) - equals to 8 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!

In very chaotic situations.. I can do this anywhere, even in a crowd of people. Or at a party. I will sit aside for 3 minutes.. and will be seemingly alert, only quiet.

These 3 minutes will give me almost a half an hour of "departure" from the surroundings. So this is the First Step. New Travelers - Do not try and go any further at this time. This step is most important. Without relaxation, it's not possible to leave the body. Since the planes we're planning to visit are not "anywhere" as such, we can take journeys that are millions of lightyears away, as easily as walking around the room.

People who have had an OOBE, or a near OOBE will have many other questions of "planes to visit" and the like. Those questions are welcome. Only understand, that we can not miss steps. If we do, we will fail.


Once a person can totally relax through the techniques in the first lesson, they can try the first attempt to leave the body. The goal is not to go right out and fly around in the universal soup, but to exercise the "lifting out" procedure. There are some important points to consider.

One is that you MUST do the exercises in the first lessons, (relaxation and breathing), for a period of time, until all of it becomes natural, and you can do it at will. Not having to fight it.

Another is, that you must lose all EGO. It has no place during travel. All other beings your mind generates, (or actually existing), know you intimately, since they've been here, and in fact they're part of us. Some will be nice, some will be angry. It matters not. It is as in everyday life.

The important thing to understand is that Noone can harm you. There is no need, and there is no way. The beings that you may encounter can be of many different origins. Again, this matters not, since communication is done with telepathy, and "thought packets". This means, that one rush of feeling out of you can mean 1000 words. Everyone does this from time to time, with friends, parents, colleagues, partners. Only not consciously. While traveling, there is no other way to communicate but with feelings and thoughts. It surprises many, at first, how natural this is to us.

Many people fear "elementals" and other beings causing them harm. While this is possible, it is unlikely. Not at least in the early stages. And later, not so, because of the experience gained by traveling often.

Many asks: Is there any danger not returning into the body? The answer is, that you'd have to be very accomplished, and do the OOBE for a very long time, to have this danger. It is always possible, but the chances are one in 10 million. The body - while we're away - keeps naturally functioning by the subconscious self preservation methods. The shell we live in, takes care of itself. Even if our minds wonder. Therefore the chances of danger is about the same as being hit by a truck from Nebraska, with a certain licenseplate ending in 44W. Slim at best.

The hardest part is to lose all ego. This is most important. One simply cannot walk among beings that are at a higher level and expect to fool these beings. The thoughts will give them away. So the best policy is to be very open, and offer all your being to strangers you may meet. Being cautious is fine though. But other beings are always very helpful, and understanding to the needs of a "Student Flyer". At this part of the exercise - initial lift out - even this is unimportant. Next to complete relaxation this is the most difficult part to do in the whole series. And it takes a lot of practice and discipline. Do not expect immediate results. Chances are that you are not as accomplished in relaxation methods, as you thought you were. So those first exercised must be kept up rigorously.


This part can be attempted, when we bring the body into full relaxation. The best time to do it is in the evening, in bed, just before falling asleep.

The breathing, and watching your breathing in and out, as it flows, is very important. The mind stores lots of pictures from the daily activities, and anticipates tomorrow's activities. All this must go. It may take 20 to 30 minutes to clear the mind from wondering. Concentrate on nothing but the breathing. Do not force breathing. Let it take it's own course. (Refer to the BREATHING TECHNIQUES exercises).

When everything has calmed down, and you see nothing but your breath, as energy, going in and out of the body... Imagine yourself floating on water, or just hanging in the air.

Then - lift slowly towards the ceiling. As far up as possible, without straining. Letting the mind float out of the body. At first it may just be a few inches, then a fallback. Keep doing that for as long as you wish.

The procedure is that simple. The preparation is what takes the time, and is most important.

This exercise comes easy to some, and not so easy to others. Depending on the state of mind, and physical conditions. BUT. It CAN be done by anyone. Depending on how badly they want it.

After a person can lift out completely, they should stay close to the body, and simply float around the room. Imitating walking around is a good thing to do, because at this point we're not used to being a ball of bodiless energy, so movement may be awkward if we have nothing to relate to.

Once accomplished, we can simply "let go" and fly as we please. The biggest question on OOBE ever, for new travelers is:

How do I know if I've really done it?

The answer is always very simple. If you don't "know", you have not. If you have to ask, you have not either. Once you're "out" of the body, you can touch, and experience everything around you as if you were there. How real is it? As real as you are. I often go to my own "Safe Place". And visit people, and other places. The limit is nonexistent.

This text was offered for beginners. Advanced methods, and traveling tips will follow as the need arises. But once a person accomplishes what's in this lesson, they're usually on their own, personalizing the process, and they will have no need for further ideas. They will create their own. Sharing experiences will be the only need. So Good Luck, and I hope this has helped to answer some questions about OOBE. Any questions, before or during training? Please feel free to E-mail.

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