Forwarded from some Bay Area newsgroup

Subject: Barney Limbaugh

Someone earlier suggested a striking similarity between Rush Limbaugh and television wrestlers. On my cable system, however, Rush occupies the slot next to Barney and, while channel surfing recently, I began to notice the similarity between the two. For comparison's sake:

                         Barney                 Rush
                         ------                 ----
Large clumsy              YES                   YES 
Garish, tight-            YES                   YES 
fitting clothes?
Oversized head            YES                   YES 
and oversized rump?
Stupid, repeti-          "I love you          "I hate Bill 
tious song that           You love me...       I hate  Hillary 
is repeated ad
Idiotic plastic           YES                   YES 
grin no matter
what he's saying?
Beloved by some           YES                   YES 
but hated by
Appeals mostly to         YES                   YES 
those of limited
ability to think
for themselves?
Makes more money          YES                   YES 
than is warranted
by talent?
Spawn of Satan?           Some say yes          Some say yes

I think the evidence is clear!