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The hour is serious, a new danger threatens our invaluable PC

The news is very recent but nevertheless official : a virus resulting from a very new generation has just made its appearance in the small world from data processing and would be already diffused by the intermediary of the Internet network. None anti-virus currently available, that they are shareware or commercial, is able to detect it. Indeed, contrary to the other known viruses, it does not use the CONCEITED PERSON or the sector of BOOT to infiltrate on a disc, it is not integrated either in achievable.

Always it is that its effects on the PC which it infects are disastrous. Judge rather:

Taking into account the danger which this virus represents, of draconniennes measurements impose themselves. If the hard disk is infected, it is preferable to destroy the machine immediately in a radical way. Not less than 5 methods are proposed :

These councils were liberally given by a data-processing retailer who did not wish to reveal his identity. Nevertheless it announces you, for the case where you should have destroyed your machine, which all new Pentium II to 266 MHz are now available at his place and which you can control one by mall with the following address :

(Useless to tire you with cliquer on the address, it is false... ).

Last information about this famous virus : it would seem that its creator straightforwardly invented a language of specific programming for his creation, the Turbo Alfred Z++ 16 valves. It is consequently impossible at the present time of the décompiler.

I think that if you read all the stupid things of this page, it is not more really necessary to specify than ALL information only it contains are false, without the least exception. ATTENTION WHEN SAME : It exist a TRUE virus which appeared on Internet. If you reçevez a mall intitiulé ' PENTAL GREETINGS ', especially do not open it, destroy without same trying it to read it. It would automatically install the virus ' Trojan Horse ' on your hard disk, and there TRUTHS troubles commençent...

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