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American Past Grand Master to Chair English Lodge

At the last meeting of Internet Lodge (No. 9659 in the register of the Grand Lodge of England) M.W.Bro Charles Lewis Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina was elected to serve as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. The willingness of such an eminent freemason to assume the chair of the Lodge is seen by the Lodge as recognition of its stature not only within the United Grand Lodge of England but also in the world wide Masonic community.

M.W. Bro Lewis, who is 69, was initiated into Port Washington Lodge No. 1010 in the Grand Lodge of New York in 1961. He joined Homer Lodge No. 352 in the Grand Lodge of New York in 1974 and became Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1979. During a long and distinguished Masonic career M.W. Bro Lewis has become a member of many other bodies including the York Rite, the Ancient and Accepted Rite, and numerous other Masonic organisations. In many of these his diligence and commitment has been rewarded with very high office, and the ultimate recognition of his Masonic endeavour was his installation as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in December 2003. He currently on a number of Masonic Boards in the USA concerned with the needs of the young, the elderly and the disadvantaged.

Internet Lodge No. 9659 was consecrated in the Masonic Province of East Lancashire in January 1998 and M.W.Bro Lewis became a joining member of the Lodge in October of that year. The Lodge has almost 200 members and uniquely draws its membership from all over the world. Every continent is represented in its membership. The Lodge meets in England three times a year. M.W.Bro Lewis first attended the Lodge in August 1999 and has been a regular attendee since then. On his frequent crossings of the Atlantic he has often been accompanied by his very supportive wife Helga.

Speaking after his election M.W.Bro Lewis said "I am honoured and delighted to be the first Past Grand Master of an overseas Constitution to be invited to serve Internet Lodge as their Master. In the nine years since it was founded, Internet Lodge has strengthened freemasonry across the world. With members in nineteen countries around the globe Internet Lodge can truly be said to be practicing masonry universal. I am also honoured to follow other distinguished Masters of Internet Lodge from England, from my own country of the USA and from the Netherlands. I look forward to following Internet Lodge custom and presenting my Address to the Lodge at my Installation meeting next March, an Address which will then be available on the Lodge website at http://internet.Lodge.org.uk/. Modern technology strongly influenced the founding of Internet Lodge and, using modern technology, I will guide the Lodge in extending the principles of Masonry to its membership throughout the world, whilst also seeking to increase that membership even further."

The current Worshipful Master Bro Larry Porter, Past Senior Grand Warden of the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight commented “I am pleased that Charles Lewis has been elected to serve as my successor. I look forward to the meeting in March next year when I will have the pleasure of Installing him in to the Chair of this special Lodge”.

M.W.Bro Lewis will be installed into the chair of the Lodge at the Masonic Hall, Bridge Street, Manchester, on Saturday 17th March 2007 and it is expected that very many brethren will wish to attend the installation of such a distinguished brother. During his year in office the Lodge will hold further meetings in Rugby in August and Cardiff in October where M.W.Bro Lewis spent some time as a visiting professor at the University of Wales. This latter meeting will take place as part of the Annual Ladies’ Festival Weekend of the Lodge which gives the Lodge members, their wives and partners and their friends so much enjoyment as they develop the family friendly atmosphere of the Lodge. It is also intended that the Lodge will converge on M.W.Bro Lewis’ homeland for a social visit during the summer.

Membership of Internet Lodge is open to any Master Mason who has an email address and is a member of a Grand Lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England. The Lodge realises that many of its members may never be able to attend the physical meetings of the Lodge and so daily exchanges by email represent a fulfilling way for its world wide membership to keep in touch with each other and to make a daily advancement in their Masonic knowledge.

New members are always welcome from all over the Masonic world and further details can be obtained from the website at http://internet.lodge.org.uk or by emailing the membership secretary at asstsec@internet.lodge.org.uk

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