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Zetland Lodges World-wide

From: "Darryll Crozier" <darryll_crozier@bigpond.com>
To: <masonry-ask@mit.edu>
Subject: Zetland lodge #25 Kyneton Victoria Australia
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 11:55:56 +1100
Message-ID: <81E369C43B05455CB5A912A3A919FB79@daryl799cf3bf6>

Dear Brothers,

Zetland Lodge in Kyneton (No. 25 on the Register of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria) is celebrating 150 years of Masonry in 2009.

As part of the celebration, we are attempting to contact all Zetland lodges in the world. If you are a member of a Zetland Lodge, or know of one, please notify our webmaster at webmaster@zetlandlodge.net. We would be extremely pleased to hear from you.

Yours fraternally and sincerely,

WB Darryll Crozier, PM

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