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Lodge of Nine Muses

From: Lowell K. Dyson <lkdyson@MAILBOX.ECON.AG.GOV>
To: philalethes@pyx.net
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998 11:59:00 -0500
Subject: The Lodge of the Nine Muses in February


At 7:30 PM, Thursday, 19 February, The Lodge of the Nine Muses #1776, FAAM in the District of Columbia will hold its annual communication during Masonic week.

Those in attendance last year will recall the memorable presentation by our then Worshipful Master, W. Kirk MacNulty, P.M., P.P.J.G.W., "A Philosophical Background for Masonic Symbolism," -- with colorful illustrations -- which has since been published as the lead article in the most recent _Heredom_.

This year's subject will be, "The '_Confessios_' of Albert Pike and Albert Mackey." You may expect a challenge to some of your preconceptions. There will be time for questions and discussion before we close the lodge and repair to the adjacent dining room for a light repast.

The Lodge of the Nine Muses meets at 419 Seventh St. NW, which is a nice walk down Pennsylvania Ave. if the weather is pleasant, or a short taxi ride.

The IOOF Temple is a nice example of the beauty in simplicity of 19th Century fraternal meeting places. We hope to welcome you.


Lowell Dyson, W.M.

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