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Bro. Loses House in Fire

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Subject: Brother In Need
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 98 23:16:38 -0500
From: Tom Boduch <tomboduch@gmwp.org>


I received this email tonight from Brother Frank Hillon, current W. M. of Valley Lodge #383 in Andersonville (just east of Clinton), Anderson County TN.

>From: Buddy4123 
>To: tomboduch@gmwp.org
>Hello Bro.Tom hope this letter finds you well and happy we have been
>blessed with some great weather lately . Was glad you could make it out
>to our district 18 meeting were always glad to have you . I have some
>bad news to tell you about one of the brothers from Valley Lodge
>Bro.Jerry Allred S.D.  home burn to the ground Wed. nite he lost
>everything he owned , all he and his wife escaped with was the night
>clothes they had on and Jerry had on his 14th degree ring, his car was
>burnt also the patrol car (Bro.Jerry works for the Anderson Co. Sheriff
>Dept.) he drove home was destroyed. Bro Jerry does have insurance but
>will not get to meet with his insurance company till next week, if you
>know of anyone who might have clothes to fit Jerry please let me know
>some one gave his wife a few clothes and I don't know her sizes at this
>time but will be finding out. Jerrys sizes are : Pants 48W 30L, Shirt
>2X, Shoe 11 1/2 ,Please remember this brother and his wife in your
>prayers they are going through a very rough time Jerry's wife had been
>very sick for sometime before the fire. If you or anyone would like to
>get in touch with me or the lodge they can Email me at this adderess or
>mail the lodge at:
>                   Valley Lodge # 383 
>                   P.O. Box 406
>                   Andersonville, Tn. 37705
>  Thanks.........Frank

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