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Brother in distress

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 12:59:42 -0500
From: Wolf7054@aol.com
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To: dstites@netcom.com, michael@gryffin.com, ptrei@acm.org, dryfoo@MIT.EDU,
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I noted your names as maintainers of pages on the WWW dedicated to
Freemasonry.  If appropriate, I would like you to ask other brothers via
your pages to pray for the recovery of our local WM.  He was involved in
a bad traffic accident yesterday afternoon and is currently in a coma in
a Terre Haute, IN hospital.

Please ask the GAOTU for help in the name of WM Donny Baker, Bloomfield
Lodge #84, Bloomfield, Indiana.

Thanks-  George Wolf, SD Bloomfield #84 F&AM


Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 12:22:01 -0500
From: Wolf7054@aol.com
Message-Id: <960116122200_43494711@emout04.mail.aol.com>
To: dryfoo@MIT.EDU, logic357@iamerica.net, 102227.1066@compuserv.com


Wanted to take a second and update some of you on our WM's condition.
He has shown great improvement over the last few days.  He is still in
an 'induced' coma, but is able to respond to simple commands and has
moved all his extremities except his right arm.  The doctors feel that
he will recover, but that it will be at least a year before he is any
where near the way he was before his accident.  The doctors moved WM
Baker to a 'Convalescent' hospital this morning.  (by the way, Donny is
actually now our most recent PM as we had the 96 installation of
officers last night).

His wife and children are holding up well.  I worry about their
financial condition, but Donny will (apparently) be covered by workman's
comp, and he is a drilling reservist with the Air National Guard
(Indiana).  Of course, the Lodge is helping her as much as possible.  If
anyone is interested, I can provide Mrs. Baker's home address for 'Get
Well' cards.

I'll let you know if there are any significant changes in his condition.
Thanks for the prayers and assistance in getting the word out on the web
- I have received many email notes of concern for Donny and plan to give
him copies when he 'wakes up.'

Thanks again-  George Wolf, SW Bloomfield F&AM #84 (Indiana)

Better News

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 10:51:33 -0500
From: Wolf7054@aol.com
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To: john@lia.co.za, logic357@iamerica.net, dryfoo@MIT.EDU,
        102227.1066@compuserve.com, dstites@netcom.com, michael@gryffin.com,
        ptrei@acm.org, fatcat@teleport.com
Cc: Wolf7054@aol.com

Brother Masons,

We of Bloomfield Lodge #84, Bloomfield, Indiana (USA) want to thank all
Masons throughout the world who prayed for the recovery of our WM Donny
Baker after his terrible traffic accident last month.  I have passed the
e-mail on to Donny's wife.

WM (Now PM) Baker is recovering nicely.  He is out of his coma and is
being allowed visitors.  He is a patient at the:

          Continental Rehabilitation Hospital
          Patient: Donny Baker, Room 107
          501 St. Anthony;s
          Terre Haute, IN (USA) 47802.

PM Baker would appreciate your continued prayers for his full recovery.
I'm sure he would also appreciate Get Well Cards from the bretheren.

 Thank you again,
 George Wolf, SW
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