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From: webmaster@mastermason.com
Subject: webmason@mastermason.com
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 11:27:10 -0800

Brethren and Visitors of Mastermason Com,

To promote the growth of Masonry on the Internet, Brother Fred Broecker, the purveyor of Mastermason Com's Tech staff has joined Keith Lipman of Cyberconnect of Chicago, http://www.cyberconnect.com and Rob Komensky to establish a list serv for Masonry to discuss issues and topics related to Masonry and the Internet. It is now up and running, and is beginning to get active. We urge you to become a member. Anyone who has questions about the Internet and Masonry can post their questions. Anyone can answer questions posted by others. This should prove to be a great learning tool for Masonry on the Internet and for Masonry about to come onto the Internet.

Please join us in what may prove to be the ultimate learning tool for Masonry in years to come.

To join the list serv, send an e-mail to: listproc@cyberconnect.com

In the message type:

subscribe webmason YOUR NAME

Do not add a subject

Fred, Keith, Rob and I look forward to hearing from you on the webmason@mastermason.com list server.

Thank you.

Carl A. Davenport

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