Books by Carl H. Claudy

Several books by prolific and beloved Masonic author Carl H. Claudy, are apparently once again available in print from the new owner of Temple Publishers.

  • Introduction to Freemasonry — Vol. I Entered Apprentice
  • Introduction to Freemasonry — Vol. II Fellowcraft
  • Introduction to Freemasonry — Vol. III Master Mason
  • The Master's Book

The popular Introduction books were presented to new Masons for many years, and are fondly remembered by many brothers from their first days in the Craft. The Master's Book was the helpful companion of many newly-installed Masters. For many years, lodges bought them in quantity and gave them to their new initiates. When they became unavailable, they were posted here for free download, at no profit to this website, in service to a continuing need within the Fraternity.

I was recently contacted by Bro. Don Kehler, President of the re-constituted The Temple Publishers, Inc., who was happy to inform me that these fine books are once again available for purchase in print for and, soon, in digital format.

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