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A Collection of Short Talk Bulletins

The following is copied from the inside front page of a recent edition of the Masonic Service Association's Short Talk Bulletin. Contact the MSA for more authoritative or up-to-date information.

The Short Talk Bulletin

Published monthly by the Masonic Service Association of the United States, 8120 Fenton Street, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-4785. Tel: (301) 588-4010, under the auspices of its member Grand Jurisdictions.

Masonic publications are invited to reproduce, extract, copy or reprint the contents of this Bulletin providing that the source be indicated and that M.S.A. be provided with courtesy copies of the reprinted materials.


This monthly Short Talk Bulletin is furnished to all elective, most appointed Grand Lodge officers and to selected Committeemen in each Grand Lodge which is a member of The Masonic Service Association of the U.S. "A LODGE COPY" is sent to each constituent lodge of member Jurisdictions through the lodge officer (Worshipful Master, Secretary, Warden, or Lodge Education Officer) designated by the Grand Lodge.

Individuals and other Masonic bodies may subscribe to The Short Talk Bulletin at current subscription rates, which are computed on the actual cost of preparation, printing and postage.

To keep the cost of The Short Talk Bulletin at a minimum, your cooperation in providing timely notice of changes in address and changes of lodge officers, is greatly appreciated. Six weeks notice is needed on changes of address. Back issues of The Short Talk Bulletin are available at 40 each.

Subscription Rates


The expiration date ofyour subscription is indicated on the address label by the month and year, i.e. "1294" shows that your subscription expires with the December 1994 issue. Renewals or extension of subscnptions can be made at any time. Send the complete address label when extending/renewing subscriptions.

		  Silver Springs, Maryland 20910-4785
			  Tel: (301) 588-4010

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